2021 Holiday Deadlines

2021 Holiday Deadlines

The entire world is still dealing with the repercussions of global shutdowns and supply chain issues. The situation changes on a daily basis. Vigilance and monitoring of the situation daily is the best course of action. Due to these factors, we are not comfortable providing hard deadlines or cut-off dates this holiday season. However, we will be updating the average production time and average delivery time every few days throughout the holiday season.

We strongly recommend using a realistic approach to customer expectations to avoid negative customer experiences. The old adage of “Under promise; Over deliver” rings true today more than ever. We have put together some suggestions to help this season go as smoothly as possible.

Stay up-to-date with average production times:

We will do our best to update our status page HERE every few days during the holiday season. Please keep in mind that these are averages and they will change throughout the season. 

Start your promotions early:

Most consumers should be aware of longer than normal shipping times. However, you can help them plan ahead by getting your content out in front of potential customers early and often to help drive the point home that waiting until the last minute is not going to be a viable option this year.

Be flexible with garment brands/styles/colors:

We are already experiencing supply shortages. If you are flexible with your product offerings, you may be able to make a simple swap of garment color/brand/style if the item selected is out of stock. Many different companies are pulling stock from the same distributors and with an already limited supply, this can bring unexpected shortages.

Frequency Asked Questions:

How can I check on my order?
Once a product has been sent to a teelaunch or partner facility, until it ships there is not a lot of information is available. We’re happy to answer any concerns you have, but asking where your order is, will not make it be produced any faster, if the status on your app doesn’t say In Production please email as there is something wrong and we need to address it, but if the status is In Production, we really can’t say when it will ship.

When Black Friday hits, our teelaunch & partner facilities are hit with millions of orders. So it is not possible to ask them to dig through 100,000 orders to understand when your individual order will ship. Rest assured, every minute our team is awake (with the addition of our Lebanon office), we are working 24/7 checking with factories, monitoring the situation, trying to do all we can to get your order out on time.

Where do I find tracking information?
In the teelaunch app you can find tracking information. Sometimes Shopify isn’t notified from our app regarding a tracking number, so its very important you check our app first before emailing customer service. If you notice a tracking numbers hasn’t moved right away, remember that if an order ships late Friday it is unlikely to be picked by any service until the following Monday. Additionally, as with last year as the number of shipments increase the various providers can get bogged down and tracking can be delayed. Check Tracking Explanation Video.

How can I cancel pending orders?
You can log in and cancel any pending orders, pending orders are orders that have not been charged and sent to production. How to Cancel Pending Orders Video

How do I use the Hold Feature?
Please watch this explanation video which shows how to use this feature. Hold Feature Explanation Video. In the V1 of the teelaunch app the following products are available under the hold feature: Mugs, Blankets, Canvases, Tumblers and doormats. In the V2 of the teelaunch app all products are available to use the hold feature.

How the our various shipping methods work?
We use a variety of shipping carriers to ship. We do this in an effort to ensure that if one carrier is having issues we can switch to another one. We also use a variety of what we call shipping consolidators, these companies are UPS Mail Innovations, DHL E-commerce, and OSM. These carriers pickup the packages, and sort them, then drop them off at USPS in the town the package is delivering in. UPS Mail Innovations (UPS Tracking Link) and DHL E-Commerce (DHL Tracking Link) have their own tracking urls, while OSM uses the (USPS Tracking Link).

When will the V1 to V2 bridge be ready?
I know we’ve pushed this back many times, but we are very close to being able to release this. It will provide a seamless transition from V1 to V2 of the teelaunch app. Its taken quite a bit to make sure it was rock solid so we do apologize for the long delay but expect an email soon announcing it’s ready to go.