Die-Cut Metal Signs

Die-Cut Metal Signs

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our product catalog – Metal Signs! Made from 18 gauge steel and finished with your choice of 5 colors of powder coat, these metal signs are sure to be a huge hit for your customers. Unlike other vendors, we are going to offer our users a new experience with this product by allowing them to have full control over the design process. You will not be locked in to only offering monogram styles, although we plan on offering pre-made designs that your customers can add their own text to in the future. We wanted to make sure we got this product to you before the holiday season so we opted to offer open design first and we will build on the product offering going forward.

• 18 Gauge Steel

• 5 Color Options (Black, Red, White, Copper, Silver)

• 6 Sizes – 36″, 30″, 24″, 18″, 14″, 12″
*Selected size is based on the maximum height or width of the sign depending on the physical orientation

• Mounting Hardware Not Included

12″: $17.25
14″: $25.00
18″: $31.50
24″: $45.50
30″: $63.00
36″: $105.00

United States:
12″: $10.00
14″: $10.00
18″: $12.50
24″: $17.50
30″: $20.00
36″: $35.00

Per Additional:

12″: $5.00
14″: $5.00
18″: $6.25
24″: $8.75
30″: $10.00
36″: $17.50


Designing and uploading artwork for metal signs is different than any other product we have ever offered before. Before you jump into the creation process, please take some time to read and view our comprehensive design guide to better assist you with how to approach this unique product.

How To Use The Template: The two most important things to remember while using the templates provided within the app are to maximize the size of your artwork and to make sure you are saving a transparent PNG file to upload into our system. Please see the video for a detailed explanation.

Make sure you are uploading a transparent PNG into the teelaunch system.

Die-cut Metal Signs

Designing In One Color: The metal signs are created from a single sheet of 18 gauge steel. Your artwork will be cut out of this sheet of metal and any elements that are transparent will be discarded once the cutting process is done – leaving the final product. Designing your artwork with one color will help give you a better idea of the outcome of your sign prior to uploading it to our system. Please see the video for a detailed explanation.

Detachments/Floating Elements: Detachments and floating elements within your design will not be a part of the final metal sign. All elements that are not attached will be discarded prior to the powder coat process. You must ensure that all elements you want on the final product are anchored/attached to your overall design prior to uploading your artwork into our system. Please see the video for a detailed explanation.

Die-cut Metal Signs

Make sure all elements in your design are attached/connected prior to uploading to the teelaunch system.

Continuity Test Screen: The Continuity Test Screen is a feature we have added to better assist you with seeing if you have any detached elements within your design. We highlight any floating elements in red so you can clearly see what is not anchored to the overall design. If you click the “Remove Detachments” button, you can see what your design looks like if you were to proceed with the upload process. If you would like to make changes to your design, you would need to make the necessary changes and re-upload your artwork into our system. Please see the video for a detailed explanation.

How To Create Your Own Lifestyle Mockups: We currently offer 10 mockup images when you create your metal signs. We have capped it at 10 mockup images because some e-commerce platforms only allow for a maximum of 10 images. Of the mockup images we provide, we offer a simple black version of your design with a transparent background. This is done to give you the ability to create your own lifestyle image. Please see the video for simple instructions on how to create your own lifestyle mockup using the graphic we supply you.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to properly create artwork for the die-cut metal signs, you can start showing off your amazing creations to your customers! You can find the all new die-cut metal signs in the Wall Art product section of the teelaunch app today!