Last Updated 8/1/2020

For Amazon and etsy sellers please review your production times and adjust so you don’t get dinged for late orders. 

Apparel- DTG
Average production time is 7 business days, but since we use multiple factories, we do have one factory that has orders currently older than 16 business days. We have moved the majority of their orders to other factories and once we get through the oldest of their backlog the production times on average will be much better.

DTG STOCK OUTAGES– We are experiencing stock outages in all our tanks SKUs, District Mens tank, Canvas Unisex Tank, and Next Level Womens Racerback tank. We are working with our vendors to try and find substitutes but since the factories were shutdown for so long during COVID they were not prepared with their summer skus.

4 to 6 business days.

1 to 3 business Days

4 to 6 business Days

6 to 8 business Days

4 to 6 business days

Pillows, Totes, Shower Curtains, Doormats, Bandanas
5 to 7 business Days

3 to 5 business days

Cutting Boards
5 to 6 business days

Plates, Platters, Bowls
10 to 12 business days

2 to 3 business days

OrigAudio Electronics
8 to 10 business days

Phone Cases
4 to 6 business days

Cards, Journals and Notebooks
5 to 6 business days

OrigAudio Products
7 to 10 business days

New Stickers (the die cut shape ones)
I suggest removing these from your store we are having production and technical issues with these stickers that is causing massive delays and we have no concrete plan to get them all resolved in a timely manner, so I recommend removing them.

We are facing massive delays because of lack of air shipping from China, so I’d recommend removing these also from your store.