Last Updated 5/23/2020

For Amazon and etsy sellers please review your production times and adjust so you don’t get dinged for late orders. 

Products Not Currently Being Produced:
Jewelry (Crystal factory and Backpack factory is now back online)

Current Average Production Times
These times are not guarantees these are the average production time taken on different products, some product much faster and some maybe a bit longer but this the average for the last 7 days. I was hoping by this point we’d gain some ground in our backlog but the factories are exhausted and finding it increasingly difficult to find employees willing to work making it very hard to dig out of their backlogs.

Apparel- DTG
8 to 10 business days.

6 to 8 business days.

5 to 6 business Days

15 to 18 business Days

10 to 12 business days

Home Goods (excluding blankets)
15 to 18 business Days

4 to 6 business days

Cutting Boards
4 to 6 business days

Plates, Platters, Bowls
10 to 12 business days

2 to 3 business days

AOP Shirts
We’re seeing significant delays here. These shirts are produced in Pakistan and Fedex is having major issues getting planes from Pakistan to the US. I would recommend removing these from your store for now.

OrigAudio Electronics
10 to 12 business days

Phone Cases
15 to 18 business days

New Stickers (the die cut shape ones)
I suggest removing these from your store we are having production and technical issues with these stickers that is causing massive delays and we have no concrete plan to get them all resolved in a timely manner, so I recommend removing them.

We are facing massive delays because of lack of air shipping from China, so I’d recommend removing these also from your store.

Order Status
Customer service is being flooded with messages like ” hurry and ship” and “where is my order.” I understand everyone frustration but all these emails do is delay responses to real issues or concerns. So please just trust that I know of every late order there is and am doing everything I can to get them out the door.