Last Updated 1/5

Remember that the factories were closed on New Years Eve, New Years Day and the Saturday following. But with the volumes back to normal levels we expect to have every factory caught up this week.

Sherpa Hooded Blankets
Very sorry for the short notice, after a full inventory after Christmas our inventory numbers were wrong and we ran out of sherpa hooded blankets today. Our inventory was delayed on the ocean and we’re trying to assess when we can get them back in stock.

Apparel- DTG
Average production time is 3 to 5 business days.

DTG STOCK OUTAGES– We are experiencing stock outages in all our tanks SKUs, District Mens tank, Canvas Unisex Tank, and Next Level Womens Racerback tank. We are working with our vendors to try and find substitutes but since the factories were shutdown for so long during COVID they were not prepared with their summer skus.

Extended Sizes- Seeing major issues with 2XL and 4XL in Canvas 3001 style.
5XL hoodies are also sold out except in Black, Navy, Orange, Sangria, Light Pink, Royal
Majority of sizes are sold out for 18000 White Crewnecks

**we are working on real time notification system on these, honestly we haven’t ever had this many issues with stock outs and have had our developers working on better solution to let you know what is going on in terms of outages

Lifestyle Outages; Wrapsody out of stock until the first week of January
Prontimus – Wireless Charging Stand are out until Feb. 10

3 to 5 business days (except we are seeing longer delays on Accent mugs- green, orange, and yellow, magic mugs, beer steins).

1 to 3 business Days

3 to 5 business days

3 to 5 business Days

6 to 10 business days

Pillows, Totes, Shower Curtains, Doormats, Bandanas
4 to 6 business days

3 to 5 business days

Wood cutting boards/ Coasters
4 to 6 business days

Plates, Platters, Bowls
6 to 8 business days

3 to 5 business days

OrigAudio Electronics
10 to 14 business days

Phone Cases
4 to 6 business days

Cards, Journals and Notebooks
5 to 6 business days

Monogrammed Products
6 to 8 business days

Christmas Stockings
6 to 8 business days