5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas your customers will LOVE

Valentine’s Day is coming up and it is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door now with some Valentine related products that couples are looking for. With that being said, here are FIVE Valentine’s gift ideas that you can implement into your own store.

1. Double drinkware listings

“Gifts for Him”, “Gifts for Her”.. these are very popular searches amongst boyfriends and girlfriends alike that have no idea what they want to get their significant other. This idea can work for any drinkware item (or our entire product catalog, really). Create a “his” and “hers” tumbler, or whip up some mugs that create a picture when placed next to each other.

Now, since you can’t technically add 2 different designs to 1 listing you have to get creative with it. You could create a mug with 2 different designs on the front and back, and highly suggest the customer orders 2 so when the 2 mugs are together they create that image. Or another idea would be to have the second listing (that matches with the first product) right underneath or next to the original listing. 

Don’t worry, the rest of these ideas aren’t as complex as this one.

2. Personalized Jewelry

With our new Name Necklaces, you can easily add these to your product catalog with just a few clicks. All you have to do is add them to your shop, and your customers will do the rest! They pick and personalize the bling, while you get to sit at home and do something else, no design required. Read more in-depth about our jewelry on the Name Necklace blog here.

3. Trendy hoodies

Hoodies are an awesome gift that everyone loves, especially when they’re silly or funny. Girls love to steal their boyfriend’s hoodies all the time, so lean into that! Create light-hearted designs that poke fun at that. Or just make a classic hoodie design and market it towards couples, and let our hoodies do the rest. We recently just dropped our ITC Women’s Lightweight Crop hoodies that come in some fun new colors. We also just added Champion hoodies which can definitely turn heads in your shop. Make sure to add these snuggle sweaters soon! Click here to see all of the new apparel we’ve just added.

4. Couple’s Adventure Book

This idea can really grab hold onto the sentimental customers. Use our journals or spiral-bound notebooks to create a “couple adventure book”. Now, our books aren’t actually made for this specific use, but you can easily market them to be travel logs by designing an intentional cover and using our mockups to create images that highly imply the potential these books have. Allow the option for a couple to personalized the cover with their names for huge bonus points.

5. Personalized Puzzles

To finish things off we have a gift idea that really packs a punch. Personalized puzzles can be great gifts for couples on Valentine’s day and can be an activity for date night as well. Have some examples of couples on our mockups to show the customer the potential product they could own. We have 5 puzzle options ranging from 30 pieces all the way up to 1,014 pieces. Still puzzled about our puzzles? Check out our blog on them here.

We hope you guys LOVE these five Valentine gift ideas for the upcoming season. Whether it’s pairing products , offering a personal touch, or creating a Valentine related design, you can be sure to get a jump start on the market.

Justin Carlson

Graphic Designer who likes pizza, soccer, and making stuff for you guys