Take a swing at our new product

Heads up teelaunchers, we just dropped a brand new sports product. We know Christmas just ended but we had something left under the tree. Perfect for a hot summers day, the Waffle Golf Towel can be used to clean off your clubs, wipe sweat off your brow, or (when wet) you can whip your buddies with it!

This product is perfect for a Father’s Day gift, anniversary present, or a useful tool for a golf enthusiast.

Back Mockup
Golf Bag Mockup

The Waffle Golf Towel is 15 1/2 by 25 inches and consists of a “waffle” texture material. In one corner there is a grommet insert with a metal split ring hook so you can hang it on your golf bag.

PRICING: $6.50

United States: $6.50
Rest of the World: $17.50
Per Additional US: $2.00
Per Additional US: $4.50

Check out the Waffle Golf Towel in the “Sports” section at app.teelaunch.com. Tee off your 2023 with a hole in one!

Justin Carlson

Graphic Designer who likes riding his bike and making stuff for you guys