Personalized Name Necklaces

Personalized Name Necklaces

We are so very excited for this announcement!

After years and a staggering amount of money spent on R&D we are finally (just in time for the holidays) able to release our laser cut jewelry collection.

For the first time ever these always popular products are made in the USA from 316 stainless steel.

The costume jewelry market is a $32.9 billion dollar industry. That coupled with the addition of personalization means the market is just massive.

To make it easy the first batch of products we are releasing are name necklaces with different niches. All you have to do is add them to your store, no designing necessary.

We will start out by offering four styles and three color options:
Double Initial Heart Necklace
Dog Mom Necklace
Name Necklace – Cookie Font (correction: mistakenly identified as Noricon)
Sports Mom Necklace
Colors – Silver, Rose Gold, Gold

We’ve worked really hard to keep the prices as low as possible. These necklaces retail from $25 to $40 each and with your cost of only $12.50, you have plenty of room for profit.

We’ve realized that the ability to design or hire a designer is a blocker to getting your store up and running so we’re going to focus over the next few months to release products that don’t require you to design, just to add to your store and sell. Your customers will be able to personalize the product all within your listing.

These products ONLY work with Shopify, Etsy, and manual orders. For Etsy you’ll need to turn personalization on to collect the name.

All teelaunch users will be provided with the same product images. Because of this, we highly recommend ordering samples for the purpose of taking photos to set your listings apart. You can do this by adding the product and placing a manual order.

Personalized Name Necklaces

Find these new products in the new Jewelry Category.

What characters can I use?
You are limited to standard english alphanumeric characters plus the hyphen and colon. You are also limited to 12 characters.

What type of chain is included?
The chain is 1.5mm O Style, adjustable from 17″ to 19″ and features a lobster clasp.

Do you have samples discounts?
We worked very hard to get the price as low as we can, making sample discounts unnecessary.

Why can’t we create custom mockups?
As you can imagine making a custom mockup for this product is very tricky. We are working on it now but likely this will not happen until mid-Q2.

Is this necklace hypoallergenic?
Yes, this necklaces is nickel free, which is usually what causes an allergic reaction.

How long will the shine last?
These are electroplated, so as long as you take care of them the shine will last a very long time.

Where do these ship from?
70506, LA

PRICING: $12.50

United States: $5.00
Rest of the World: $17.50
Per Additional: $1.00
Per Additional ROW: $2.00
*is subject to holiday shipping surcharges

Shipping Weight: 1 oz
Shipping Dimensions: 3″ x 3″ x 1″
Shipping Method: OSM (similar service to UPS Mail Innovations or DHL Ecommerce)

Processing Time: 3 to 5 business days