It’s Time to Get Personal This Valentine’s Day

It’s Time to Get Personal This Valentine’s Day

Get your hearts pumping for your customers in 2021! It’s a good idea to start pushing Valentine’s themed products right now so that orders can ship with plenty of time to spare. Although we cannot make any firm guarantees on cut-off dates again due to the residual shipping delays from the Christmas season, we strongly recommend trying to get your Valentine’s orders in by 1/29/21. You can certainly sell past this date, but please temper the expectations you set with your customers.

This Valentine’s Day, offer them some unique and personalized products from your store without even lifting a finger to design. What does this mean? It means our designers have created 9 personalized graphics that we are giving to you… FOR FREE! I guess you could say we are still in the holiday spirit.

It's Time To Get Personal This Valentine's Day

Download your free to use personalized product designs HERE

We have created graphics for the personalized 11oz White Mug, 11oz Magic Mug, 11oz Accent Mug, 15oz Mug, pillow and blankets. All you have to do is upload the files to your store and SHAZAM! You are open for business.

teelaunch’s personalization feature allows your customers to add their own picture behind your already created artwork. This adds a ‘wow’ factor and makes the product very special for your customer. Valentine’s Day is especially beneficial for this memorable feature because it is a “people focused” holiday that lends itself perfectly to personalized products. Whether it be using your favorite photo as a couple or being silly with a photo that is an inside joke, offering the ability to personalize a gift adds a tremendous amount of value to your business.

Step 1: Making A Personalized Product

Go to the teelaunch app on Shopify, click on ‘create product’, click on ‘personalized’ and select the product you want your design on. Once you’re on the product page, download the template and open it in the design program of your choice (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.). Create your design and make sure you save as or export the file as a PNG with transparency so that your customers can upload their image behind your artwork. (Make sure to use the template under the respected personalized product. A personalized pillow template is a different size than the regular pillow, same with the blankets.)

Tip: Try testing out some photos yourself so you can see if the design you created works well and is versatile.

It's Time To Get Personal This Valentine's Day

Step 2: Publish

Upload your personalized PNG file. Fill in the needed information and publish your product. You just created a personalized product!
Now that the product is published, a customer can go onto your site, insert their own picture behind the design overlay, and order that product with their very own image on it. Amazing right?!

Bonus Tip: To better illustrate to your customers that they can upload their own image, consider creating an additional mockup image with an example image provided. Please see below:

It's Time To Get Personal This Valentine's Day

Reminder: A personalized product is NOT the same as a standard product. With a standard product, you make the design and the customer buys it (as is). With a personalized product, you make the design, the customer adds onto that design with a personal picture and then they buy it.

Still confused? There is another blog explaining the personalization feature in further detail here.

It's Time To Get Personal This Valentine's Day

Well… what are you waiting for? You have cupid’s arrow, now take a shot and spread the love!