How to find/create Print on Demand Designs?

Guest Post by Creative Fabrica

Which are the best designs for Print on Demand?

You don’t need to be a gifted designer to create beautiful Print on Demand products. The only thing you need to do is to pick the right design assets! Once you have some excellent designs, you can use them on the products of teelaunch’s catalog. To use third-party design elements, you must make sure to have a license. Before, some of these licenses required you to change some aspects of the design before selling it. That was until the Creative Fabrica’s Full Print on Demand License was launched. At Creative Fabrica – a digital font and graphic design library for creatives and designers-, you can find more than 94K assets with a Full Print on Demand license.

With a Full POD license, you don’t need to make any modifications to sell your products via Print on Demand services as teelaunch. You’ll just need to download them and add them to your teelaunch products. Easy as that! By using Full Print on Demand designs and fonts, it’s easier than ever to test out different POD trends. You’ll have more opportunities to see what your audience likes, and grow your catalog accordingly. Let’s take a look at some design assets that you can use to create stationery, apparel, merchandising, and so much more!  


The fonts that you choose for your designs will have a significant impact on how the final products look. If you want to write a funny quote, your font choice must be dynamic and spontaneous. For more formal purposes, you must pick a smart, elegant font.  

which are the best graphic resources for crafters
This free font is called Soria. You can download it here.

By curating a personal font library, you’ll expand your creative possibilities a lot. Customers like to find messages on mugs, posters, and pieces of clothing. With the same font, you can create infinite designs. Quality fonts are always a good investment. If you are searching for a library of POD fonts, check this one.


Cliparts are sets with illustrations that keep some similar aesthetics. These collections are perfect to create a series of Print on Demand products! You can place every painting on the same item, and create your own collection.  

which are the best graphic resources for crafters
This fun clipart includes a Full POD license. Download it here.

By giving some sense of unity to your creations, you can encourage your customers to buy more than one product. That is a great deal!  

Digital Backgrounds

These colorful backgrounds are a great deal for merch creators. Digital papers and seamless patterns are fantastic resources. They are so versatile and useful!  

which are the best graphic resources for crafters
You can use these backgrounds for POD. Download the full set here.

You can use a pattern to decorate a mug, a blanket, a journal cover or other teelaunch products. Also, these designs are usually sold in packs. For a low price, you can get a lot of creative opportunities. If you are searching for a library of POD resources, check this one.


Did you know that you can use pre-made quotes to decorate your Print on Demand products? These resources are the ultimate time savers!  

which are the best graphic resources for crafters
This quote is part of a set with 42 designs. Find it here.

You can find fun, inspiring, or even sassy quotes. They will look fantastic on posters, T-shirts or hoodies. By picking a quote design, you’ll make sure that the text, the font, and the layout align with the message you want to share.   Investing in good design assets is an investment for your Print on Demand business.

With Creative Fabrica’s subscription model, you won’t need a lot of money to boost your catalog. For only $29 a month, you can download unlimited fonts and graphics for commercial purposes. To make your journey easier, we have a coupon with a 50% recurring discount for their All Access Subscription. To get unlimited access to the best designs for only $14,50 a month, use the code TEELAUNCH50. We hope you enjoy creating your new products!  

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica has been based in the heart of Amsterdam since June 2016. Having a design background, the founders realized how difficult it was to find the perfect assets for a design. Creative Fabrica was created to improve and change the way people consume digital assets.