Add That Personal Touch

The teelaunch crew has been hard at work developing a plan to further grow and improve our service to its users. We have big things in the works for the year 2020 and are extremely excited about what we can achieve together! While we are not quite ready to make any official announcements at this time, we thought we would take this opportunity to remind our users about an often over-looked and underrated category of our product catalog. Personalized Products!

First off, if you haven’t heard about our personalized products or even explored the concept of customer personalization yet, you are missing out on massive amounts of online traffic and sales. Not only are personalized products a fantastic way to get and keep customers on your page, it is an incredible way to generate repeat business. Think about it… When a customer gets to have the ability to add their very own image to a product, they are a part of the creation process. They are invested creatively, mentally, and emotionally with your brand and the products associated. This investment encourages real action, which in terms of retail, is sales.

When your customer receives their personalized product, they have a greater sense of ownership and stronger connection to that item. They are proud of what they have created and they want to show it off. This will open a dialogue and opportunity for your customer to show off their product and organically bring more traffic back to your store. One product can turn into two, and two, into three. Before you know it, you have returning customers ordering multiple items for themselves and as gifts for their friends and family.

Personalized Products VS Standard Products

Now that you have a sense of the potential of personalized products, let’s discuss the difference between our personalized products vs our standard products – because there is a difference and it is important to understand.

Standard Products:

Standard products are the typical products that you would normally create with your own designs and sell directly to your customers. These products do not allow your customers to add their own images to them. They are stand alone products that feature your designs and your designs only.

Personalized Products:

Personalized products are similar in many ways, but different in the fact that your customers will have the opportunity to add their own image to the product as well as the ability to scale and position their image to fit within the design overlay you have created. When we talk about a “design overlay” we like to put it in terms of a picture frame. You will be creating the outer design of the frame and when your customer places their image inside the frame, it will show through as the hero of the design, but be accented by the elements you have created.

If that is too intimidating for you, do not worry. We also give our users the ability to upload “blank” personalized products that allow your customers to have full control over the entire design area. This gives your customers the ability to use their own image to be printed on the full print area of the product.

If you still have questions or concerns regarding how to make a design overlay for your personalized products, we have you covered. We supply Best Practices for all of our products that are easy to follow along with that lay out techniques and examples of what works well. We also have created a few videos that give step-by-step instructions on how to make different types of design overlays HERE.

Real World Examples

Are you a pixel peeper? Are you a stickler for resolution and print quality? Maybe you’re just concerned about how images from your customer’s cellphone will reproduce in print? These are valid concerns and something we would like to address.

Although you cannot control the quality of images your customer uploads to have printed, you can control the quality of your artwork. Have confidence in what you have created and let your customers decide the importance of the quality of their image. To most people, the significance of the image is more important than the detail rendered.

Not to say that all customer uploaded images will not turn out great, most will turn out fantastic! We just like to give realistic expectations when you hand the keys over to a customer to make their own product. Our personalization system is set up to accept images from most modern smartphones so there is a sort of fail-safe in terms of allowing extremely lo-res images. We have tested and ordered many sample products and are confident in the ability to reproduce beautiful prints that you and your customers will absolutely love. Take a gander at some real world examples of personalized products!

Now that you have seen the potential of personalized products and have a better understanding of what is possible, go create some! You can find all of our personalized products in the “Personalized” section of our product catalog.

Andy McGuire

Andy is the Graphic Designer for teelaunch. Basically he gets to make fun stuff all day long while the rest of us actually work.