Sherpa Hooded Blankets: Giving Your Customers More Options

During the frigid winter months, people are desperate for anything that will keep them warm. In recent years hooded blankets have become one of the more popular ways to fend off the cold. Last year, we launched our fleece hooded blankets with customizable mittens, a feature that your customers won’t find anywhere else, and now we’re back with our new sherpa edition of the hooded blanket.

Our sherpa blankets are printed on one side and feature a thick and luscious sherpa on the under-side. The sherpa version of the hooded blankets also come with an exciting feature, wrist loops. These loops were added to assist your customers who are trying to stay warm and mobile at the same time, they can simply throw on the loops and their sherpa blanket will always be wrapped around them. Unlike other hooded blankets on the market without sewn on mittens, our hooded blankets offer a bit more of personality as well as added comfort your customers are sure to appreciate.

Our hooded blankets are also printed and sewn in the United States. This means we have shorter production and delivery times than other POD providers that have to ship from overseas. We are in the midst of the Chinese New Year as well – which halts Chinese production from 1/25-2/8. Don’t miss out on blanket sales during this time. We’ve got your back…Literally!

Sherpa is one of the hottest trends this year and there’s a reason why everyone is loving it, the texture gives our blankets a little something extra, it is soft, cozy, and not overly chunky like other warm fabrics. It doesn’t make the blanket overly bulky but still gives the benefits of extra warmth.

So here is why these hooded blankets are popular and wanted in every warm home:

  • Our hooded blankets are made out of extra comfortable sherpa to add that much-needed cuddly feel that a blanket must have.
  • There is no need to worry about selecting the right size: The hooded blanket is a high-profile, one size meets all product.
  • MITTENS. Our hooded blankets come with customizable mittens that keep your hands toasty warm, and our sherpa blankets are made with a wrist loop that keeps your hooded blanket around you at all times when you don’t want your hands to be confined. Whether typing on the computer or drinking a cup of coffee, you can be sure your blanket will always be lightly resting on your arms.

If you have already created hooded blankets with us before, you will be happy to know that the specs for the sherpa hooded blanket are exactly the same. In fact, we have grouped the two versions of hooded blankets under one listing. Give your customers the option to choose between the standard fleece hooded blanket with mittens or sherpa edition without having to cycle through multiple products.

Sherpa takes our hooded blanket offering to the next level with great quality and usability. If you’re already offering hooded blankets, be sure to market your new variation to your customers, and if you’re not, try it out! You’d be surprised how many people are looking for a stylish way to keep warm this winter.

You can find the hooded blankets in the “Home Goods” section of the teelaunch app.

Justin Carlson

Graphic Designer who likes riding his bike and making stuff for you guys