Why Sell One Mug When You Can Sell Two?

Why Sell One Mug When You Can Sell Two?

Last year, we launched our combo apparel feature where you’re able to easily create designs for two apparel items and sell them both as a single listing. With all of the excitement that drew up, we’ve decided there’s no question about expanding our combo offerings to mugs. So today we’re launching our brand-new combo mug section in the teelaunch app. Within this new section, you can design two different mugs and sell them as a duel listing in your shop.

You’re now able to mix and match different mugs or you can choose to go with two of the same mugs to put in your listing. This feature is currently available with the following:
• Black 11oz Mug
• White 11oz Mug
• Magic Mug
• 15oz Mug

Take a look at these examples showing the different ways you can utilize this new feature below:

Creating a combo mug listing in your store opens up the possibility for some fresh and new design approaches. For example, you’re now able to create his & her mugs or best friend mugs that each contain different designs instead of your customer having to purchase the same mugs for each. Creating a combo listing is an excellent opportunity for you to up-sell your designs and increase your profit margins, as the market for “matching” mugs is huge and mugs are the perfect gift for any gift-giving occasion.

It’s important to note, if you want to add the combo mug listing to your store, you will have to manually re-upload your designs within the combo mug section in our app.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to unveil your new line of combo mugs to your customers. We can’t wait to see the designs you come up with!