Apparel So Nice You’ll Want It Twice

Apparel So Nice You’ll Want It Twice

We’re back with another exciting update on our apparel, this time we’re thinking about the convenience of our customers and yours, we’re launching our brand-new Combo Apparel section in the teelaunch app! Within this new section you can design two different apparel items and sell them as a pair in a listing in your shop.

Apparel So Nice You'll Want It Twice
Combo Mockup

After seeing the combination apparel trend for years, we’ve noticed e-commerce stores doing very well with themed shirts such as Mother’s and Father’s Day themed shirts, Halloween themed clothing, gender reveal outfits, and Christmas wear.

The great thing about this feature is that you have the option to place the same design on the apparel pieces that you select, or you can place two different designs. We want to give your customers a truly great user experience and allow you to sell combo apparel with the least number of clicks in order to increase your conversion rate.

The amount of things you can do with this new feature is endless, here’s a few ideas to get you inspired:

  • Mommy and me
  • Father/Son
  • Couples shirts
  • Gender Reveal gear/Birth announcement
  • Best friend tees
  • Halloween Shirts (Thing 1 + Thing 2, Trick + Treat etc.)
  • Logo Variation shirt combos
  • Bride/Bridesmaid
  • “Away” and “Home Team” sports color variations?

FAQ on Combo Apparel:

Q: Can you use the combo apparel feature with ALL apparel products in the teelaunch app?
A: Unfortunately, no. Not all apparel options are set up with the combo feature. We are happy to say that the majority of standard apparel is included, though. All Over Print tops and Oversized Print apparel are excluded from the combo list at this time.

Q: Can I use different artwork placement on the two garment options? (Left Chest, Right Chest, etc.)
A: The combo apparel feature will only allow for prints on the front of the garment. You can use the quick selection feature to adjust the size and placement of your artwork. Although you can add two different graphics for one listing (Garment 1 = Design 1 & Garment 2 = Design 2), the design placement will be the same for each item.

Q: Are baby apparel items included with the combo apparel?
A: Absolutely! Baby, hoodie, crewnecks; You name it, it’s included.

Q: Can I create more than two combo pieces?
A: For now it’s only two pieces of apparel for the combos.

Q: Can my combo listing have different color options?
A: Yes. You can create a listing that has two different color garments. Unfortunately due to Shopify’s variant limitations, you can only select one color per garment though.

Q: What if I want two of the same garment brands for my combo listing?
A: If you have a preferred style or brand of garment that you would like to have in a combo listing, you can certainly do that! Instead of selecting two different styles in the Combo Apparel section, just select one and proceed to the design upload screen. You will be given two versions of the same style/brand of garment to create a combo listing for. Make sure you label each garment with a unique name before you publish so you do not confuse your customers at checkout.

Q: Where can I create the combo apparel?
A: Listed under the “Combo Apparel” section in our app.