Crystal: The Decision is Clear

Crystal: The Decision is Clear

It is time to freshen up your product offering with the elegance of crystal. They are a unique way display photos while also serving as a classic and luxurious addition to any home or office.

Crystal is already beautiful on its own, but add in the option to have your own image etched into it, and your customers will have a truly special product that holds significance and meaning. These crystal keepsakes are made from the highest quality optical crystal. State-of-the art technology uses lasers to fracture the crystal one dot at a time, creating hundreds of thousands of tiny fractures inside the crystal which reveal the image your customer uploads. It gives it that extra flare in the form of carefully crafted designs that anybody will appreciate and admire.

Crystals are EASY

The crystals come in three shapes and sizes and work very similar to our personalized products. All you have to do is set your price and publish the product to your store. Your customer’s will do the rest! Once published, your customer will be able to upload their own image to be etched into the crystal. It’s so quick and easy that adding them to your store is a no-brainer.

Crystal: The Decision Is Clear

The uniqueness of our crystals aren’t the only thing that make this product an exciting one, they are also extremely profitable. The best part about these crystals is that they are high quality personalized items, so the perceived value makes them easier to sell at a higher price. We also have an optional base attachment with built in LED lights that will illuminate the crystal for display as an add-on. With profit margins at nearly 50% and virtually no additional work for you, this product is one of our easiest money-makers yet.

Crystal with Optional Base:

Photo Trimming Feature

When one of your customers orders a crystal, their image goes through an impressive software which trims the excess background from the main focus of the image (similar to how a graphic designer would mask out the background). In doing so, the most important part of the image becomes the star of the crystal. This is a fantastic feature that suspends the image inside the crystal giving it a remarkable look that boasts quality.

Crystal: The Decision Is Clear

Perfect for the Holidays

Crystals are also a unique holiday gift idea! If you’re curious about the different ways you can market these for your customers, look no further, check out the list below:

  1. Celebrate all of life’s memories by adding your photos to crystal! Mom already loves showing off her kids, so enhance the experience by adding the grace and elegance of optical crystal. Dad is a fan of his Harley, so snap a photo and present him with his bike in a crystal gift. Aunt Sally’s favorite puppy will look great in crystal, and you’ll be her favorite when she receives her gift!
  2. Nana loves pictures of her grandkids, so why not step up your gift to her by putting those in crystal! It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Step one: Choose your photo. Step two: Upload your picture from a phone, tablet, or computer. Step three: Place your orders! It’s that easy, and Nana will love it.
  3. Perfect to display all life’s favorite memories. Transform once-in-a-lifetime moments into a photo replicated in flawless optical crystal. Showcase your newborn, vacation pic, kids first day of school, graduation picture, or commemorate a loved one. This timeless personalized photo gift will capture your memories with elegance.
  4. Capture your favorite photos in crystal! It’s easy. Using your own artwork you can create a timeless keepsake perfect for mom, dad, grandma – and even the pet lover in your family. It is simple and easy –just upload a picture from a phone, tablet, or computer.

Additional Information:

• Light up base is optional – Each crystal will come with the option of a light up stand. There will be a dropdown on the frontend of your store that offers the base. This is a great upsell item that will also add to your profit margin.
• Excellent packaging – The crystals will be shipped in magnetic-closing boxes lined with secure foam and felt lining for protection and hi-end presentation. This too adds to the value of the product.
• Customer uploads are the same as any of our other personalized products. After uploading their image they are able to scale and position it any way they’d like.


Crystal: The Decision Is Clear

Crystal Sizes:

Cut-Corner Cube Crystal – 2 3/8″(w) x 2 3/8″(h) x 2 3/8″(d)
Block Crystal – 3 1/8″(w) x 2″(h) x 2″(d)
Stadium Crystal – 3 1/2″(w) x 2 1/4″(h) x 3/4″(d)

Crystal Pricing:

Cut-Corner Cube Crystal – $35.00
Block Crystal – $28.00
Stadium Crystal – $30.00

Additional Base – $15.00

Domestic- $10.00
International- $20.00
Each Additional- $5.00

The personalized crystals are live and in the teelaunch app right now! You can find them located in the “Crystal” folder. Set your price and publish – it’s really that easy. What are you waiting for? Start selling personalized crystals today!