Good Things Come in Threes

When you want to make a bold statement, using multi-piece canvas art is a great way to create a unique art piece that really stands out for a home or office. The popularity of having one large-scale piece of art to fill your wall has grown exponentially in recent years. Pinterest has even named it one of the biggest trends of 2018. But, good large-scale pieces of art typically also come with large-scale price tags. So, as we like to do we decided to find a workaround for that and bring to you a great, trusted product that won’t break your bank.

We have 3 different sizes of our 3-piece canvas available for printing. These canvases are 1.25″ thick, and are the same trusted product your customers have been buying for years. Premium 100% acid-free canvas printed with HP Latex Inks. Our 3-piece canvas allows for any photo or another type of flat artwork such as a digital image, poster, or even a painting to be transformed into bright and attention-grabbing canvas prints.

Uploading Options

There are two options for uploading images, the first is uploading one individual image that will continue from the first canvas to the third, and the second is three individual images on each canvas.

The single-file design upload works great for photographs, landscapes, and family portraits. We do, however, suggest refraining from designs that are text heavy as there may be odd breaks between characters where the canvases are separated once hung up.

The multiple-file design upload is perfect for creating a look of 3 distinct canvases. You can keep the subject matter across all three canvases, or make them each completely different from one another – the choice is yours!

Selling canvases is highly recommended for the holiday season because we have canvas vendors in four different countries, meaning the deadline for your canvas sales is extended longer than most of our other products. There are many great resources you can use for royalty-free images, such as Unsplash and pixabay. You simply find a photo that sticks out to you, and download it straight to your computer.

*NEW* Premium Canvas Branding Options

For those of you who are interested in displaying more of your brand to your end customer, we’ve got what you need! We now have a premium canvas branding option (for ALL teelaunch canvases) that will include your logo printed on the back of the canvas, a full color sticker on the outside of the package, and a full color double-sided package insert where you can write anything from a personal note (cannot be unique per order, would need to be a store wide note) to a special code where they can receive a discount. Though the outer sticker may face a little wear and tear through the shipping process, your customers will still appreciate it.

How much does this all cost you ask? Nothing! Add premium branding to your canvas shipments free of charge.

To utilize this new feature, go to your account settings and at the bottom there will be four new sections where you are able to add your design files, these will be included with your customer’s canvas purchase.

•Gallery quality canvas print displays vibrant artwork that is built to last.
•Printed with HP Latex Inks that are fade resistant.
•Inks are water based and solvent free so rest assured there are no harsh
chemicals in your home.
•Assembled with 1.25″ thick wood frame and glued wood core stretcher bars.
•All canvas prints are wrapped and shipped in fitted packaging.

(3) 12 x 24 – $65.00
(3) 16 x 32- $80.00
(3) 18 x 36- $85.00

(3) 12 x 24
US/AU- $15.00
CA/GB- $20.00
International- $30
Additional- $15.00

(3) 16 x 32
US/AU- $17.50
CA/GB- $22.50
International- $32.50
Additional- $17.50

(3) 18 x 36
US/AU- $17.50
CA/GB- $22.50
International- $32.50
Additional- $17.50

Canada and Great Britain Shipping Price Increase
Additionally, because of rising costs for shipping in Canada and Great Britain, starting Nov 20th, all Canada and United Kingdom orders’ shipping cost will increase by $5.00. The three-piece canvases will be launched with the updated shipping prices.

BUT WAIT, We are lowering pricing on our most popular sizes to the EU TODAY
.75 depth– Shipping Price to EU

16 x 24- $18.50
20 x 30- $25.00
24 x 36- $25.00
32 x 48- $35.00
24 x 24- $18.50
40 x 40- $40.00

1.25 depth– Shipping Price to EU

16 x 24- $18.50
20 x 30- $25.00
24 x 36- $25.00
32 x 48- $50.00
24 x 24- $18.50
40 x 40- $55.00

Find our Three-Piece Canvases in the “Wall Art” section in the teelaunch app.

Justin Carlson

Graphic Designer who likes riding his bike and making stuff for you guys