Mother’s Day: Set Your Store Up for More Sales

Mother’s Day: Set Your Store Up for More Sales

What would we do without our moms? The fact of the matter is we wouldn’t be here without them–so when your customers are mulling over Mother’s Day gift ideas this year, make sure you give them something as special as the lady they’re shopping for. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Did you know Mother’s Day (I’ll save you a Google search: May 13) is the third-biggest retail holiday behind the winter holidays and back-to-school season? It’s clear that celebrating moms gets people in the mood to splurge. In fact, spending around Mother’s Day has increased for ten years straight! Here are some ideas and statistics to keep in mind so you can get your customers thinking of your business when the time comes to shop for their loved ones.

First Thing First, Know Who You’re Selling To

Just because it’s “Mother’s” Day doesn’t mean moms are the only ones who want to celebrate. It’s important to know who else customers may be buying gifts for. Are they buying gifts for their spouse? Celebrating with their kids or friends? The answers to these questions will help you narrow down your target audience and help you better craft your messaging.

Mother's Day: Set Your Store Up For More Sales

Now that you know who’s doing the buying, its time to find out what they’re shopping for.

What kind of gifts are people buying their loved one?
  1. Greeting Cards – 80%
  2. Flowers – 67%
  3. Special outings (ex: dinner) – 54%
  4. Gift Cards – 44%
  5. Clothing – 36%
  6. Jewelry – 34%
  7. Personal Services (ex: spa day) – 21%
  8. Electronics – 14%
  9. Housewares – 19%
  10. Books/Media – 20%

Source: TheShelf

Categorizing the “Mom”

Another great way to grab some inspiration for your products is to take a look at your target market and their characteristics, as not all Mothers (or other figures in our lives) are the same.

  • Boss Mom – Juggling Motherhood and self-employment
  • Single Mom – Motherhood is the hardest job of all, “thank you”s are appreciated
  • Dad-as-Mom – dads taking on motherly duties deserve appreciation, too
  • Bad Mom – The mom that does it her own special way
  • Mother of the Year – Say thank you to the amazing superwoman in your life
  • Fit Mom – For the yoga-loving, meal-prepping mother in your life
  • Spiritual Mom – May appreciate mindfulness, essential oils and meditation
Creating a Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Let’s face it: finding the perfect gift for mom is not always that easy. You could think about it for days and ultimately end up getting her the same drugstore chocolates you got her last year.  Who doesn’t appreciate a retailer that puts in a little extra effort in assisting them to find something special to buy?

Inspiring ideas based on what type of person they’re buying for is a great way to boost your store’s sales around Mother’s Day. Keeping in mind the niche categories we listed could make for an easy and fun gift guide like the one below.

Mother's Day: Set Your Store Up For More Sales

Mother’s Day Gift Giving Trends

The possibility of personal

Online shoppers are looking for ways to make their gifts personal this Mother’s Day, and you’re in luck! We recently added our brand-new personalization feature just in time for the holiday, allowing your customers to upload their own photo to a canvas or mug in your shop. Customization trends among Mother’s Day shoppers include initial-engraved and birthstone-colored jewelry, incorporating children’s handwriting and drawings, incorporating their loved one’s photo in a gift, and custom-made portraits.

Thinking Beyond Mom

The recipient list this Mother’s Day goes far beyond moms. Consider the list above; Grandmothers, step moms, expecting mothers, sisters, aunts, or any woman who plays a significant role in a shopper’s life is eligible for the gift giving season. As a shop owner, it would be worth your while to market towards more non-traditional moms. Pet moms or even plant moms deserve some love, too.

Marketing Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day: Set Your Store Up For More Sales

A good idea to start off with is promoting a special section of your site to Mother’s Day-specific products. You could offer a sale, promote a new expedited shipping offer, or create a mom-themed collection to push to your customers in this section. There are many specific offerings or promotions you can offer your customers to make them feel valued and understood, while also minimizing the store-hopping they would otherwise be doing without the help of your online shop. Here are a few of our favorites:

Offer a “Deal of the Day” every day leading up to Mother’s Day

During the week leading up to our Mother’s Day deadline, promote a different product or service with a special price that’s only good for that day. Explain why the product or service is so noteworthy—is it a best-seller? Is it a new product that that will introduce your customers to a new line of future products? These deals are also a good way to be aware of what your customers are drawn to for future reference.

Offer a Mother’s Day-specific products

An easy way to capitalize on Mother’s Day is to add just a little Mother’s Day magic to a design that already does well in your shop. A great example of this is shown below: A store owner that does well selling a banana leaf patterned canvas can easily take that design and modify it by adding a sentimental word or quote, as well as an area of transparency and where their customers can upload a photo of them and a special family member using our new personalization feature.

Mother's Day: Set Your Store Up For More SalesMother's Day: Set Your Store Up For More SalesMother's Day: Set Your Store Up For More SalesMother's Day: Set Your Store Up For More SalesMother's Day: Set Your Store Up For More Sales

Good News! By partnering with us, we take care of production and shipping, so regardless of which Mother’s Day marketing campaign you choose to launch this year, we’ve got you covered.

Cheers to a successful Mother’s Day season!