Get More From Your Mug

Get More From Your Mug

Recently teelaunch announced our new canvas personalization feature where customers are able to upload their photos to a custom canvas overlay design. Since then, we’ve been hearing all kinds of buzz about how easy and efficient this new feature is when it comes to selling multiple units with the same design, so we’ve decided to introduce this feature to our next product in line, mugs. With this new feature, customers will have the ability to upload any photo they wish to a teelaunch mug in your shop.

How the Feature Works

Similar to the canvas personalization process, users are able to create their own mug “frames” or design embellishments to advertise to their customers. Then, customers can upload, scale and move their image to fit the design however they see fit. Once the customer is happy with the image placement, they can place their order wherein teelaunch will create a print file with your artwork and the customer’s image composited together.

One difference to note between the canvas and mug personalization is that a design isn’t necessary for you to sell personalized mugs in your shop. If you want to publish a mug without a design overlay, you can simply click the “No Design” button which is located next to the standard image upload button. This will allow you publish a mug where the entire print area is available for the customer’s image. Essentially with this feature, our shop owners can act as their own functioning teelaunch, making print-on-demand easier and quicker than ever for their customers. You may be thinking that something which makes selling so easy would come with a larger price tag, but one of the best parts about this awesome feature is that it doesn’t cost you any more than it does to create one of our standard mugs already listed in our app.


Effortless Personalization

The process of customers uploading a photo to your shop is as easy as three simple steps:

Selecting the “Personalize” button, fitting the image to the design template, and hitting “Complete Order.”

The ability to personalize a mug allows for endless creative opportunities from both the buyer and the seller. Check out a few examples of how we chose to utilize this feature below!



Why Your Customers Need Personalization

Contrary to off-the-shelf products flooding the market, personalized gifts and services continue to get more and more exposure. It’s no surprise they’ve become a huge contender in the gift-giving market—even the simplest gift can be turned into a personalized masterpiece. It also makes your customers’ lives easier, eliminating aimless searching from store to store and choosing a gift just because they have no better options.

Unique Advertising Opportunities
Our ceramic coffee mugs offer permanence. Since they’re so durable, the mugs lifespan covers years, even decades, offering numerous advertising impressions every time it gets used. Aside from the obvious use for coffee mugsdrinking coffee—you will often see people using their personalized mugs for other things such as holders for office accessories, plant holders or recently, kits such as “get well” care packages or “congratulations” gifts that have been a big online seller. 

Customer Engagement
A recent Bain & Company survey of more than 1,000 online shoppers found that while less than 10% have tried customization options, 25% to 30% are interested in doing so. Beyond the pure size of the opportunity, the survey showed that those customers who had customized a product online engaged more with the company. They visited its website more frequently, stayed on the page longer and were more loyal to the brand.

From gift-giving to advertising or simply creating an easier way for your customers to grace another office accessory with a photo of their pet, personalization works when it comes to selling to your customers. At this point, the uses for personalized mugs are only limited by your creativity.

• The personalization feature is currently available to use with white 11oz & 15oz mugs

• Double sided prints

• You can find the personalized Mugs in the “Personalized” section of the teelaunch app.