Keepin’ it Fresh with Custom Air Fresheners

Keepin’ it Fresh with Custom Air Fresheners

Don’t let your online business go stale by offering the same tired products that everyone else is offering. Give your customers something fresh and exciting. Allow us to introduce our newest product, custom air fresheners. These air fresheners are the perfect accessory for your car, gym bag, locker, or anywhere else that could use a little brightening up. We like to think of these as a great attention grabber for your customers that make for fun and unique gifts. They may be a novelty product for your store, but what’s wrong with that? Often times novelty items are the most fun gifts to give AND receive! These air fresheners are perfect for:

• Brand Awareness
• Save the Date
• Graduation
• School Spirit
• Pets
• Stocking Stuffers
• And So Much MORE!

We are launching the air fresheners in two versions. You will be able to fully create your own artwork for the standard air fresheners as well as offer a personalized version for your customers to upload their own images to. You’ve all heard of expressing yourself, but what about expressing yourSMELF?! By allowing your customers to personalize their very own “selfie-scent”, the sales opportunities are endless.

The air fresheners will come in an oval shape with artwork printed on both sides. They are tagged with elastic string for hanging and will be sold in individually packaged sets of three. They come in an wide variety of 13 amazing scents that last 2-6 weeks (depending on use and environment).

• Fresh Linen
• New Car
• Fast Lane
• Emerald Sea
• Cucumber & Fresh Mint
• Island Breeze
• Coffee
• Bacon
• Citrus
• Pine
• Cherry
• Coconut
• Vanilla

What better way to turn heads than with an air freshener that comes with a unique story and scent to go with it?

You can find the air fresheners in the teelaunch app today. The standard air fresheners will be located in the “Accessories” category while the personalized air fresheners will be found in the “Personalized” section.