Customer Personalization Feature

Customer Personalization Feature

As long as Print on Demand has been around, the holy grail of in-app features has been customer personalization. Sure, some POD providers have offered simple text customization, but no one has really approached personalization through customer images before. That is… until now.

The team here at teelaunch has been working hard to give our users something special. Something unique to offer their customers (outside of more products). We are happy to say that we have successfully implemented a personalization feature that allows the end customer to truly customize their own product for purchase. Starting today, you can now offer a premium gallery wrap canvas to your customers that allows them to upload their very own image! That’s right. Your customers can essentially create their own canvas with the images they carry around with them on their cellphone.

The personalization feature will be limited to gallery wrap canvas wall art to start, but we hope to gradually introduce more products that utilize the feature as the year goes on. We’ve decided on debuting the feature with canvases for a few reasons:

  1.  Canvases are a simple, flat product to design for with a limited amount of design restrictions.
  2.  They lend themselves perfectly to image personalization for customers.
  3.  The canvases have been a fantastic product for us that allow for higher margins than most other products. Customization = Even More Profit!

How the Feature Works:

The Personalization Feature allows your customers to have a hand in the design process by giving them the ability upload their own image to the product. We like to use the example of a picture frame to illustrate how the feature works. You will be creating the picture frame and the customer will have the ability to upload their own image that slides behind the frame. The customer will have the ability to scale and move their image to fit the frame however they see fit. Once they are happy with their image placement, they will place their order wherein teelaunch will create a print file with your artwork and the customer’s image composited together.

There are 3 canvas styles available that come in a variety of sizes. There is a square canvas style that comes in 8×8, 16×16 & 24×24 as well as rectangular canvases that come in vertical and horizontal orientation. The rectangular canvases will be sized at 8×12, 16×24, 20×30 & 24×36 (and vice-versa). The pricing for these canvases will remain the same as our standard canvas wall art that we already currently offer. You can find the personalized canvas wraps in the “Personalized” section of the teelaunch app.

Here is a live example of the three different personalized canvas options so you test drive it before you put them on your site. Check it out

Now that you have an understanding of how your canvas overlay will work with the personalization feature, we would like to show some examples of the different types of canvas styles and design concepts to better illustrate the possibilities this feature will present you with.

We are extremely excited to offer this feature to teelaunch users. We do, however, understand that creating artwork for the personalization feature may be more in-depth than some of our users are accustomed to. Since there are a few design rules to follow when creating artwork for your canvas overlay, we have put a comprehensive write-up together for you that details the proper creation process. You can find this information located in the “Best Practices” section on the product upload screen. It will be denoted by the info icon located at the top left of the image uploader. We highly recommend reading through the best practices before you start your design process to avoid any potential pitfalls you may encounter.