Payoneer:  A new way to pay

Payoneer: A new way to pay

One of our main goals for 2017 is internationalization. We currently have customers in over 126 countries all over the world. Because of this we didn’t want to be one of those companies who only focused on the US. Our first step was on-boarding new production facilities in the UK, Canada and Australia to reduce shipping costs and times (which we completed earlier this year).

We then turned our attention to payment methods. When we first started the app we only accepted payment via credit card but we’ve heard from many of our foreign customers that this didn’t work for them. So earlier this year (took much longer than we anticipated) we started integrating Payoneer. I’m happy to say that the integration is now live.

If you are from the US you may not have heard of Payoneer. In other parts of the world (primarily Asia) Payoneer is becoming quite popular. Payoneer is available in over 200 countries and over 150 currencies. In 2016 Payoneer processed over 7.82 billion dollars in transactions.

Using Payoneer

To use your Payonner account with teelaunch just head on over the the account page and select Payoneer from the dropdown. You will then be taken through a short account connection process on Payoneer’s site.

Payoneer:  A New Way To Pay

Payoneer:  A New Way To Pay