New Gallery Wrap Canvases

New Gallery Wrap Canvases

We’re always looking for ways to improve our offerings. While our current canvas line has been great for us we know we could do better. I’m happy to announce that our new line of gallery wrapped canvas is live today. The biggest change is that the new line is higher quality as it’s gallery wrapped instead of MDF.

If we’re going to offer something better we thought why not go bigger as well. The new line goes all the way up to 40×40. We’ve also turned on a new facility in the UK which means shorter fulfillment times and cheap shipping for all your customers in the UK. Finally what I’m most excited about is the app improvements where you can upload one file and it creates up to 4 different canvas sizes instantly. This should make it easier than ever to add this new line to your shop.

We recently ordered samples of the new line for our office and were completely blown away with how amazing they turned out. We immediately went to work figuring out the logistics to make them available to our users. We are beyond happy to announce that they are here and ready for you to sell.

About The Canvases:

We are offering 8 different sizes of canvases.

Rectangle: 8×12, 16×24, 20×30 and 24×36.

Square: 8×8, 16×16, 24×24 and 40×40.

Each canvas is printed with high quality HP latex inks that are fade resistant and wrapped around a 0.75″ thick wood frame. All canvases are wrapped and shipped in fitted packaging.

What’s New in the App:

Previously you had to upload a separate design for each canvas size. That was not the best process and we knew with the new line it had to change. For the new gallery wrap canvases, you only have to upload one file for all the sizes. For example, if you are making a square canvas, all you need to do is upload artwork to the 40×40 specs. Our app will create print files for 24×24, 16×16, and 8×8 canvases as well. One file, four canvas variants. Pretty slick.

With this line we are also providing a mockup in a living room scene. This will help your customers have a better idea of what their canvas purchase will look like hanging in their home. We’re excited to see the amazing works of art you create that are sure to fill many happy customers’ homes.

Designing Your Canvas:

We want to print the best quality products for you and your customers that is why we stress the use of the templates provided within the teelaunch app. Safe Zones and Bleed Areas should be utilized to avoid misprints or any other unexpected shifts that could possibly occur during the printing/canvas stretching process. We recommend using hi-res images (300dpi) as to avoid pixelation.

We frequently see the mistake of using designs created for the web (72dpi). This generally does not translate well to print, especially if the end product is an actual print such as a canvas or poster. Since we are offering large canvases (40×40 & 36×24) we have increased our file size limit to 50mb. This should be a sufficient file size for hi-res artwork. We also recommend saving your files as a flattened JPG to help keep your file sizes within the 50mb limit.

Remember… We are here to help if you are having any trouble during the upload process.