Custom Charm Bracelets

Custom Charm Bracelets

Since the release of the pendant necklaces, we have had a lot of requests for more jewelry. We are happy to announce that we will be adding custom charm bracelets to our jewelry line. We are offering 3 charms (circle, rectangle & heart) in 2 different styles of beaded bracelets (blue stone & granite) for $10 each. The bracelets are made of stylish beads with a durable elastic band that stretches to fit most wrist sizes. The charms are what make these bracelets unique, though. You have the power to add your custom design to each charm making a piece of jewelry tailored to your store/brand. These charms are not bulky or overbearing. They are large enough to display artwork for the wearer while small enough to avoid being cumbersome around the wrist. They are the perfect piece of jewelry for customers who want to accessorize with a personal/intimate charm that is for them.

Designing For Your Charms

Although the charms are fully customizable, there are a few design tips to keep in mind.

• Use the templates provided in the teelaunch app. We always stress the importance of using the print templates but when creating for smaller items such as these charms, the room for error between the safe zone and bleed area is magnified. We do not want an important part of your design to not be shown in the charm.

• Know and understand the size of the medium you are designing for. These charms are not canvas prints so creating designs that are text heavy or full of important details will not translate well. We suggest using minimal amounts of text and more simplified designs that easily get the composition across to the viewer.

• Subject matter is important for charmed jewelry. Charms are an intimate extension of the wearer; that is why we recommend creating designs that resonate with your customer base. Charm designs with personal meaning or subject matter that people are passionate about tend to be the biggest sellers.