Holiday Design Inspiration & Important Delivery Cut-Off Dates

Holiday Design Inspiration & Important Delivery Cut-Off Dates

Fourth quarter is fast approaching and that means one final promotional and advertising push. This post will lay out teelaunch delivery cut-off dates to ensure your customers receive their products before each respected holiday. We will also be displaying some neat ways to utilize teelaunch products within your Shopify store that work well with the themes of the upcoming holidays.

Important Cut-Off Delivery Dates:

Shipping deadlines are difficult to pinpoint precisely as we have such a diverse supply chain. We print mugs in the US, UK, AU, CA, t-shirts in the US, CA, UK, and canvases in the US & UK. Most of our deadlines are “worst case” scenarios as orders placed after that, in certain circumstances, will likely make it by the holiday date. This is something we do not guarantee though… Always error on the side of caution with your customers as a little extra income by promising unrealistic deadlines can be quickly eaten up by refunds for orders not being delivered by the holiday.

HalloweenUS: October 13th     International: September 29th

ThanksgivingUS: November 3rd     International: October 20th

ChristmasUS: December 4th     International: November 20th

New YearsUS: December 4th     International: November 20th

Holiday Product Inspiration:


Halloween is the perfect time to get a little weird & creepy with your product designs. Custom charm jewelry is a great way to accessorize your goulash ensemble. Gallery wrap canvases add a little flare to the decorative spirit of the season. Shower curtains are a fun way to enhance the overall feel of a home to match the seasonal decor. Tote bags make amazing trick-or-treat bags that will hold enough candy for the entire family! Halloween themes lend themselves well to a wide array of products.


Thanksgiving is all about family, friends, and food! Apparel with designs referencing traditional aspects of the holiday are both fun and easily relatable to nearly any audience. Gallery wrap canvases really bring a home together and are an excellent item for those who host their Thanksgiving celebration. Glass cutting boards and 30oz tumblers transition seamlessly into the Thanksgiving holiday season.


The Christmas season is the most lucrative time of the year and it is never too early to start developing a strategy. Coffee mugs make great gifts and are a very simple item to design for. Pillow covers work well with seasonal designs and are a great way to bundle or upsell. Sweaters are staple for the Christmas season and getting an early jump on Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties is never a bad thing. Though we have not launched Christmas stockings yet, we plan to do so very soon. We added them to this list so you can start thinking about how you plan to incorporate them into your stores. The stockings may be a seasonal item, but the subject matter that you choose to print on them is wide open which makes them an unbelievably versatile product to have!

New Years

Products for New Years are often overlooked, but upon closer inspection, there are hidden gems of opportunity for this holiday. Accessory pouches are a great form of self expression and pair nicely with the “New year, new me” assertion. Tanks and other workout apparel are big sellers this time of year when many people are looking to start new resolutions. Mousepads are an easy item to design for that you can use to target the professional that needs that extra motivation at the start of the new year. Blankets are perfect for nearly every season and make great graduation gifts.

We hope that this blog has been helpful in setting up your fourth quarter push. teelaunch offers a plethora of products suitable to many niches and if you think a little outside of the box, you may just find a unique way to capitalize on an untapped market in the print on demand world. Cheers to all of your success!