Show your walls you care with posters

Show your walls you care with posters

Show Your Walls You Care With PostersOne thing that has been missing from our product offering for too long has been something for walls. That ends today with the launch of our new poster line.

Why posters you ask? Posters are great for letting you personalize your space and let everyone know what you’re into. Whether it’s at home or the office put a little bit of yourself in the places you spend your time.

The best thing about posters is since everyone has walls, the market is unlimited. You don’t have to worry about sizes or fit, so they make great gifts. You can also easily adapt the graphics you’ve already been using on other teelaunch products to posters so it’s easy to get started.

Show Your Walls You Care With PostersWe feel that white is boring, we made our posters borderless, no need for a frame, just stick em right up on the wall. Did we mention that these posters are high quality? These aren’t crappy quality “hang in there kitty posters” your parents rocked in the 70’s or that backstreet boys poster you had growing up (come on we know you had one). We print them on 230gsm premium archival matte paper with Dye/Pigment Reactive Ink.

Since it doesn’t matter how great these posters are if they don’t get to you in one piece we’ve also splurged for beefy 4″ poster tubes to reduce the amount we have to roll them to ensure they get to you without creases or other imperfections.

We’ve been studying this market for a while and are happy to report that not only are these the highest quality posters you’ll find but we we’re able to sell them for less than everyone else. With a 18×24 priced at only $12 and a 24×36 at $16 with shipping at $6.00 for US orders and $12 for international ones.

What are you waiting for go make a poster?