More options: Introducing American Apparel shirts

soundwave_shirtHere at teelaunch we’ve always tried to make our offerings affordable. We’ve worked really hard to be able to offer shirts starting at $8.50/each.

However, as we’ve grown, we’ve come to realize that some of our customers are looking for a more premium option, something that costs a bit more but they can also get a bit more for.

woodsman_shirtWe’ve been working with our shirt vendor on this for a while now but I’m happy to announce that all the pieces have lined up and we’ve finally launched a line of American Apparel shirts.

The shirts are priced at $14/each ($4 US shipping and $10 everywhere else) and we are carrying the following colors: Black, Navy, Red, Pink, Purple, White, Forest, Olive, Royal, and Asphalt. In the near future we’ll be adding some additional brands/styles so keep an eye out for that.



Nick is the Chief Creative Officer at teelaunch which is a fancy way of saying he tries to make everything we do here at teelaunch better every day.

3 thoughts on “More options: Introducing American Apparel shirts”

  1. Hello, I literally just started with you guys and look forward to your
    service. While I’m here I would just like to drop a word / vote for
    sport performance options. For ex., 100% polyester (wisking properties) .
    I think I saw a manufacturer August or Augusta supply these. Thanks!

  2. I REALLY need a yellow shirt! I do a promotion based on tasks with a t-shirt like martial arts do with a belt and Yellow is the second shirt, so it’s the one the most people will get.

  3. Nick, can you please show on your site where the products are actually from? Put the origin of the actual products in the description of the product so we know which ones are usa made. I get prospects asking me where the shirts, mugs, etc are actually from. More and more people want USA made and other than the price of $14, as you said in your blog, can we know. Why not name the product and even if you used a code instead of the country it’s from would be good if we have a code reference sheet. But really, using my Shopify App to make products and add designs, it would be so great just to have the name of the product and it’s origin.

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