Why Totes?

Why Totes?

Let’s talk about tote bags. To me they are one of the products that slips under the radar but is one that you should definitely be carrying in your store. Why? I’m glad you asked.


Why Totes?Has someone ever told you that they weren’t a t-shirt person or they don’t like using phone cases? It’s hard to come up with a product that everyone could use. Tote bags are basically as close as you are going to get. They work for anyone with stuff they want to take from one place to another.

Do you eat food and do you need to bring that food from the grocery store to your home? Put it in a tote bag.

Do you go to the gym and prefer not to carry your sweaty clothes princess style to and from your home? Put it in a tote bag.

Do you enjoy taking your work stuff to in from work in something other than a backpack that makes you look like the world’s oldest college student? Put it in a tote bag.

The Perfect Gift

Why Totes?As a mentioned earlier since everyone can use them tote bags make great gifts. They also make great gifts as you don’t have to deal with sizes and such like you do with with apparel, they aren’t fragile/breakable like mugs, and they are super lightweight/cheap to ship.

Your customers will love you if you can give them something that they can order quickly and easily and give it as a gift. Tote bags also aren’t done to death like apparel and mugs and could open up a whole new market for your store.

What size is Grandma or will this mug make it in one piece in my carry on luggage? Who cares I bought Grandma a tote bag.

High Quality

Why Totes?We are constantly looking at our offerings and coming up with ways to improve them. We’ve met with our supplier last month and we decided to upgrade the material we use for the tote bags (without raising the price).

The canvas is now a heavier weight which means that it’s much stronger and it can handle whatever you throw at it. Got 50 pounds of meats from the grocery store? No problem, throw it in the tote bag.

This new material also holds it shape better which makes the tote bag easier to load and unload.

Why are you still reading this blog post, go sell some tote bags.