Why Custom Post-it Notes are a Must-Have

Why Custom Post-it Notes are a Must-Have

Everyone loves Post-it Notes. They’re a classroom staple, an office essential, and a common sight on fridges at home. Their versatility and usefulness are undisputed. But what if we took these little helpers to the next level? Here’s where custom Post-it Notes come in.

We’re thrilled to introduce 5 new sizes of Post-It Notes! Plus, guess what? The more you buy, the more you save with our quantity discounts.

10″ x 6″
1 Pad: $8.75
6 Pads: $42.50 ($7.10 each)
12 Pads: $83.50 ($6.88 each)
24 Pads: $160.00 ($6.67 each)

3.5″ x 2″
1 Pad: $4.65
6 Pads: $12.25 ($2.04 each)
12 Pads: $17.25 ($1.44 each)
24 Pads: $31.75 ($1.32 each)

$13.25 (no quantity discount available)

3″ x 3″
1 Pad: $4.50
6 Pads: $12.25 ($2.04 each)
12 Pads: $17.25 ($1.44 each)
24 Pads: $31.75 ($1.32 each)

4″ x 6″
1 Pad: $5.25
6 Pads: $17.25 ($2.89 each)
12 Pads: $32.25 ($2.69 each)
24 Pads: $61.25 ($2.55 each)

Why you should sell Post-It Notes

1. Personalization

Custom Post-it Notes are a perfect way to add a personal touch to your everyday tools. Whether it’s a personal mantra, your company logo, or a cute design that makes you smile, a customised Post-it Note carries a piece of your personality.

2. Brand Promotion

For businesses, custom Post-it Notes are an excellent branding opportunity. They’re a low-cost, high-exposure means of getting your logo or business name in front of potential customers daily. Plus, they’re practical – who doesn’t need to scribble a quick note now and then?

3. Event Celebrations

Custom Post-it Notes can help make events memorable. Whether it’s a wedding, a conference, or a birthday party, a stack of Post-it Notes with a custom design, a date, or a name can make a unique and useful keepsake.

4. Increased Productivity

Believe it or not, custom Post-it Notes can also boost productivity. By creating specific designs for different tasks or priorities, you can quickly visualize your to-do list and stay organized.

5. Perfect for Gifts

If you’re stuck for gift ideas, why not consider custom Post-it Notes? They’re a fantastic, unique gift that shows thought and consideration.

In conclusion, custom Post-it Notes offer more than just a place to jot down reminders or doodles. They’re a platform for self-expression, an effective promotional tool, a special memento, an organizational aid, and a thoughtful gift. Once you’ve tried custom Post-it Notes, regular ones just won’t stick!