Snuggle Up to Savings: Our Best-Selling Blankets Now at Irresistible Prices, Just for You!

Snuggle Up to Savings: Our Best-Selling Blankets Now at Irresistible Prices, Just for You!

For the last 8 years super soft fleece blankets have been a top seller. We’ve worked super hard with our suppliers and we’ve got a new price for you that will knock you socks off.

30″ x 40″ : $10.50
50″ x 60″ : $18.50
60″ x 80″ : $25.50

That’s a 30% decrease from our previous costs.

We changed our sherpa blankets slightly to get the cost down considerably. The sherpa side isn’t as plush and the color is lighter, but still a great blanket.

50″ x 60″ Sherpa : $23.50
60″ x 80″ Sherpa : $34.15

There’s more! We’ve managed to expand the safe zone significantly, which should make the designing process a breeze!

But Christopher, how do I sell blankets?

There’s something inherently warm, inviting, and special about snuggling up under a blanket, especially when it’s custom-made. And guess what? Your Shopify or Etsy store could be the next favorite destination for all things cozy. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of custom blankets and discover why you should definitely consider adding them to your online store.

1. Personal Touch Makes the Difference
People are always on the lookout for unique items that stand out. Custom blankets offer this personal touch, allowing customers to feel that they’ve got something truly special, whether it’s a design that resonates with their personality or a special message imprinted on the fabric.

2. Versatility is Key
Custom blankets aren’t just for curling up on the couch. They can be picnic blankets, baby swaddles, gifts for special occasions, or even promotional items for businesses. The possibilities are endless, and that means a broader audience for your store!

3. Seasonal Boosts in Sales
Winter months, holiday seasons, and even chilly summer evenings around the campfire are all prime times for blanket sales. Having custom blankets on hand ensures you tap into these peak shopping times, increasing potential sales.

4. A Canvas for Creativity
Whether you’re collaborating with local artists or using your own designs, blankets provide a big canvas for creativity. This can help your store stand out, showcasing unique patterns, colors, and ideas.

5. Fab Feedback & Shares
Happy customers love sharing their latest finds, especially when it’s something as Instagram-worthy as a unique blanket. Just imagine all the lovely reviews and social media posts showcasing your custom designs, driving even more traffic to your store!

In Conclusion
Adding custom blankets to your Shopify or Etsy store is like wrapping your business in a warm embrace (pun intended!). It’s a unique product line that offers variety, creativity, and that warm fuzzy feeling we all crave, especially in these times. So, if you’re looking for that next delightful addition to your store, why not consider custom blankets? Your customers (and their cozy couches) will thank you!