Send4Me Greeting Cards: The Evergreen Product That Sells Like Hotcakes All Year Round!

Send4Me Greeting Cards: The Evergreen Product That Sells Like Hotcakes All Year Round!

Hold onto your hats… We’re thrilled to announce a game-changing addition to the teelaunch family: the Send4Me Card Program! Get ready to tap into a booming market, as U.S. consumers splashed out an astonishing $6.9B on greeting cards in 2022. That’s Billion, with a capital ‘B’!

As a seasoned teelaunch user, you might be thinking, “Wait, haven’t greeting cards been a part of the teelaunch repertoire for years?” You’re absolutely right, but we’ve been busy behind the scenes, infusing our cards with some thrilling new features that we believe will be a game-changer for all our users.

Firstly, we’re breaking the bundle barrier. No more mandatory multi-card packs. Now, you can send a single, heartfelt card (complete with an envelope), making your offerings as unique as your customers. Secondly, we’re handing over the creative reins to you. Now, you can let your imagination run wild, designing not just the exterior, but also the interior of the card. It’s your canvas, paint it as you wish!

Send4me Greeting Cards: The Evergreen Product That Sells Like Hotcakes All Year Round!

Our Send4Me program adds an extra layer of personalization to your card-giving. It uses the final recipient’s address as the shipping address and your customer’s billing address as the return address, making the card feel truly personal. Plus, we use a real stamp to ensure your customers’ recipients don’t dismiss this as junk mail. It’s all about the details!

Send4me Greeting Cards: The Evergreen Product That Sells Like Hotcakes All Year Round!
teelaunch supplies the card > You (the user) create & sell the card > Your customer purchases the card to be delivered to an individual > The final recipient receives the card from your customer (delivered by teelaunch)

Apparently, the average American household is on a mission to keep the postal service in business, buying an impressive 30 cards a year. Now, put on your thinking cap and tally up all your friends, relatives, and those folks you pretend to like at office parties. Multiply that by 30. Got a number? That, my friends, is a whole avalanche of paper sentiment, and we’re here to catch it!

At a mere $2.00 per card, each one of a kind piece of art can wing its way to any corner of the United States for an additional $1.00. You’ve seen the cost of run of the mill, straight off the shelf cards skyrocketing lately. Now, picture what your discerning customers would be willing to part with for a truly personalized, unique card.

Our trusted partner factory, a powerhouse in card production, churns out over 100 million cards annually. Imagine this: if you were to line up those 100,000,000 cards from end to end, they would wrap around the Earth not just once, but more than twice! Now that’s a whole lot of cards! So, you can cast aside any worries about production hiccups or scaling snags. Interestingly, the factory has witnessed a significant surge in demand from smaller, niche brands in recent years, outpacing even the larger brands. This suggests a vast, untapped market brimming with opportunities for stores of all sizes. So, why not seize this golden chance and ride the wave of success?

Unlocking Extra Perks: The Hidden Advantages of Selling Send4Me Cards on Etsy

Unleash the power of personalized cards! Yes, your Etsy store’s primary mission is to turn a profit, but let’s not overlook the delightful thrill that accompanies the chime of a sale notification on your phone. With personalized cards, an item with such an accessible price point, the path to a sale becomes a breezy stroll rather than a steep climb.

Imagine this: a customer pops into your store for a single card, but then their eyes wander. They discover the treasure trove of other teelaunch products you offer. Perhaps they’ll be enticed to add something else to their cart. Or, when they return to Etsy for another card or product, your store will be their first port of call.

But the benefits don’t stop there. With the lower barriers to sales that cards offer, you can swiftly boost your total sales and reviews. And we all know how crucial those figures are for Etsy’s ranking algorithm and star seller criteria. So, why not let personalized cards be your secret weapon in the competitive world of Etsy?

Out of the Inbox and Into the Heart: Rediscovering the Charm of Card Giving in a Digital World

Remember the days when card-gifting was confined to a handful of occasions? When a trip to the local drugstore presented you with a wall of cards, yet only a limited selection of themes? In this digital age, where everyone is just a click away, traditional cards may seem to have been sidelined amidst the flurry of instant online communication. Some might even question the relevance of a tangible card in our tech-driven society.

But we beg to differ. We believe that cards have only grown in their emotional significance. There’s something uniquely touching about receiving a physical token of affection, a tangible testament to a relationship, that far surpasses the fleeting impact of a text or a social media post.

And the beauty of today’s card creation? It’s a boundless canvas. Your card can capture anything under the sun – an inside joke, a sweet sentiment, a romantic message, a celebration, or even something wonderfully weird and wacky. The sky’s the limit! So let’s reclaim the lost art of card-giving and make it our own in this digital era.

From Generic to Genius: Unleashing the Power of Personalization in Card-Giving!

In the past, our users were restricted to designing only the exterior of the cards, as we could only offer them in sets of 10, 30, and 50. This worked well for generic themes and messages, allowing for a personal touch to be added inside and delivered separately. However, it did limit our sellers’ reach to customers who were seeking a single, occasion-specific card.

But times have changed! Thanks to our facility’s innovative developments, the Send4Me card program was born. This breakthrough has unlocked a world of possibilities, enabling you to offer fully customizable cards to your customers. Now, you can cater to every individual’s unique needs and occasions, making your offerings as unique as your customers themselves. Welcome to the future of personalized card-giving!

At teelaunch, we’ve been harnessing the power of AI to fuel our creativity and design process. Let’s take a peek at our “Best Dad” card as an example. Father’s Day, as we all know, is a prime time for card-giving. So, we turned to ChatGPT and prompted it with “Short dad jokes”. Amidst a flurry of chuckles and groans, one joke caught our eye: “Why did the farmer win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field!” It was the perfect blend of corny and endearing, just the right flavor for a Father’s Day card.

With the theme and content practically handed to us on a platter, all we had to do was whip up some engaging graphics to complement and personalize the message. We tweaked the joke to fit our narrative and design, and voila! A unique, AI-generated card was born.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. With our new feature allowing you to send a single card at a time, you can now offer a fully personalized message inside the card. Our example shows that the buyer can provide the message they want, and you can seamlessly incorporate it into the card before finalizing the order. The result? A card that’s not just a card, but a personalized memento, shipped directly to the recipient. Welcome to the new era of card-giving, where every card tells a unique story!

Mastering the Art of Selling and Fulfilling Customized Cards

Once you’ve uploaded the product to Etsy, navigate to the product page and activate the ‘Add Personalization’ feature. If there are multiple font choices or any specific information you require from the customer, ensure you include these details in the ‘Instructions to the Buyer’ section.

Send4me Greeting Cards: The Evergreen Product That Sells Like Hotcakes All Year Round!

This is the interface that the customer will interact with, and it’s where they’ll input their unique personalization details.

Send4me Greeting Cards: The Evergreen Product That Sells Like Hotcakes All Year Round!

Within the teelaunch app, locate the customized card and ensure it’s set to ‘on hold’. This status should be maintained until you’re ready to attach the personalized file.

Send4me Greeting Cards: The Evergreen Product That Sells Like Hotcakes All Year Round!

Finally, replace the file you are looking to personalize.

Send4me Greeting Cards: The Evergreen Product That Sells Like Hotcakes All Year Round!

That was quite a bit of information, but has it sparked your interest in selling cards? Our cards are dispatched from Maryland, with a processing time of 3 to 5 days, and are delivered via USPS Letter rate, which also takes 3 to 5 days. The folded card is priced at $2.00, and the flat card at $1.75, with both options offering a shipping fee of just $1.00. Please keep in mind that the Send4Me cards can only be delivered in the United States. You can find these cards in the ‘Office’ category within the teelaunch app. Ready to embark on this exciting venture?

Send4me Greeting Cards: The Evergreen Product That Sells Like Hotcakes All Year Round!