Father’s Day 2020

Father’s Day 2020

This year we have opted to refrain from setting a Father’s Day deadline. Simply put, we cannot confidently guarantee delivery dates with the ever changing situation of COVID-19. Limited production paired with overwhelming demand and sporadic shipping delays have disrupted the synergy of the Print On Demand model. That is why it is imperative to get out in front of potential issues by informing your customers of delays by tempering their expectations. Transparency with your customers will make any unexpected changes easier to deal with and reconcile.

Please keep an eye on production statuses HERE where we will be sure to update every few days with changes. With the information provided, it will be up to you, the store owner, to set your own cut-off dates.

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st in the United States this year. That means we are nearly a month away, so if you haven’t already, you should roll out your Father’s Day promotions ASAP. Take cues from Mother’s Day and try to get ahead of the rush by converting successful designs into their Father’s Day counterpart.


Drinkware is always a reliable option when it comes to gift giving. No matter the circumstance, a new tumbler or mug tends to be a welcome addition that will most definitely see practical use. Drinkware is also one of those products that tends to lend itself to a wide array of design themes. Take the comedic route, be political, use current events, or even be poetic. No matter what approach you take, drinkware is a solid option for Father’s Day.

Man Cave

With the rising popularity of “Man Caves”, the home decor market has started to cater styles to appeal to this segment. Since our home decor is a blank canvas of design possibilities, you can tap into this market by producing products targeted for this specific niche.

Sporty coasters to protect that homemade coffee table. Outdoorsy doormat to set the tone of the space. Custom canvases to adorn the walls. All viable options that are sure to garner a ton of traffic to your store.

Tech Gifts

It’s no secret that a large portion of dads out there like gadgets. Good thing for them, you can offer some nifty product options that will tickle their tech fancy. We offer many tech related items that you simply cannot find anywhere else in the POD world. Check out the bluetooth speakers and headphones as well as mobile device chargers and accessories.


There is an opportunity to capitalize on the interest and pride a father takes in their vehicle. Offer a hands-free wireless charger or 3-pack of air fresheners to help dad accessorize one of his prized possessions. Take it a step further and go the way of personalization by giving your customers the ability to uniquely add their very own image to the product!

Explore the teelaunch app and browse through the many product categories. You may be surprised to find a whole slew of unique products that lend themselves perfectly to Father’s Day. We are proud of our product selection and have great pride in the fact that we offer many items that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Take advantage of these and many other options this Father’s Day.