Mother’s Day 2020 pt.2

Mother’s Day 2020 pt.2

Mother’s Day Domestic Deadline: 04/21/20

*subject to change with ongoing developments

With our second Mother’s Day post we will keep the product and design ideas going. A common theme, as you may notice, is a focus on personalized products. When offering a personalized product to your customers, you are giving them the ability to add their own image to the product. This not only gives your customers control over what they are receiving, but also adds more meaning and value to the purchase.

If you are unfamiliar with the teelaunch personalization feature, check out our previous blog that highlights how it all works HERE.


Our fleece blankets are super soft, warm, comforting, and they don’t pill up after being washed. They also display stunning color reproduction that will last the entire life of the blanket due to the sublimation printing process. These blankets are a fantastic gift idea that lend themselves to a ton of design possibilities.

The examples below display personalized versions of the fleece blankets. You can create a complex design overlay or something as simple as a word or phrase overlay and your customers can add their image to create a stunning end result.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are a staple in most kitchens that can be both functional and a visual accent to the decor. We offer 3 types of cutting boards. Glass cutting boards that can display full color artwork and are also available for customer personalization. And bamboo wood cutting boards that feature a laser etched design in two styles as well as two size options for each.

Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes are another great product to promote for Mother’s Day. Available in 3 colors with the option for personalization, these beautiful boxes don’t only store and protect jewelry. They also act as a functional work of art.


Our pillows are available in four sizes and offered in three different variations. Your customers can choose from a stuffed and sewn option as well as a zip-cover with or without stuffing insert. These pillows are also available for customer personalization which will definitely add a special element to any home decor.

You can find these and many more product options within the teelaunch app. All personalized products are located in the “Personalized” section of the app while all other standard products are in their respective categories.