Make Your Message Crystal Clear With Our New Text Feature

Last year we announced our new line of personalized crystal where your customer is able to upload their own photo to be engraved into a high-quality crystal. Beginning today, our new crystal text-personalization feature will be rolling out to all users.

With this new feature, your customer is able to add any two lines of text along with their photo to your crystal product. The feature works similarly to our monogrammed products where your customer will type their message in a textbox that will appear in the listing, after typing their message, they can select their font and decide if they want the text to be displayed across the top, bottom, or both.

Here are the steps to creating a text-personalized crystal:


Your customer is able to choose if they want their text on the top portion of the crystal, the bottom, or both, and each line of text can be written in a selection of 13 different fonts which allows for a dynamic design that can be created exactly how your customer wants. There is a minimum of 30 characters per line in order to keep the design as clean as possible.


Our selection of 13 fonts include serifs, scripts, handwritten fonts, and san serifs. Your customers can use a different font for each line if they choose.

Already Selling Crystal?

There’s no need to re-upload a crystal into your store to use this feature, all crystal listings will allow for text-personalization from here on out.
• Though the text option will be available to all crystal listings, it is not required, you can still sell a crystal with only an image.

From gifts of remembrance to declarations of love, crystals are a unique and exciting way to put your customer’s images on display. And now with our new text feature, your customers can add even more personalization to an already meaningful product.

Find our crystals in the “Crystal” category in the teelaunch app.

Justin Carlson

Graphic Designer who likes riding his bike and making stuff for you guys