Expanding Your Personalized Catalog

Expanding Your Personalized Catalog

Offering quality, yet affordable products that can be tailored to customer needs is the new way to attract customers to your eCommerce site. And that’s why teelaunch has been working hard to round out our personalization catalog by converting our already popular products into products that can be personalized. We’re going to break up our releases into 3 launches, releasing 4 different products at a time. So be sure to stop back and check out our new blog posts revealing all of these new products in the near future.

First a little refresher on how to upload a personalized product in your store:

1. Accent Mug

Our accent mugs are a great addition to any store. Made in the US and UK, these mugs are made with a high quality premium hard coat that provides crisp and vibrant color reproduction that lasts for years with accents in seven bright and vivid colors. These mugs make for a perfect gift for friends and family members because let’s face it––You can never have too many mugs.

Accent Mug Cost: $4.50
Shipping Cost:
US Order: $5.00
Canada Order: $8.50
UK Order: $6.50
Everywhere else: $10.00
Additional: $3.50

2. Beer Stein

Our beer steins are a great product that can add a little personality to your store, and now is the perfect time to include them in yours just in time for football season to start up. Beer steins are the perfect accessory to make sure your customers stand out at many different events and enjoy their drink in style. Perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties, fantasy football winners, championship games, and wedding party gifts.

Beer Stein Cost: $12.50
Shipping Cost:
US Order: $7.50
International Order: $15.00
Additional: $3.00

3. Doormat

We can’t imagine why the term “being a door mat” sometimes has a negative connotation. Teelaunch door mats are attractive, resilient, and now, able to be personalized! With the fall season quickly approaching, doormats will be a priority on many customer’s shopping lists, and what better way to add a personal touch to the entrance of your home than a doormat decorated with personal imagery?

Doormat Cost: $12.50
Shipping Cost:
US Order: $8.00
International Order: $15.00
Additional: $5.00

4. Mousepad

Personalized mousepads are practical, budget-friendly and best of all, have eyes on them all day long. A nice mousepad can add a pop of color to an otherwise boring desk, or become a functional photo frame when you’re away at the office. It’s easy to add some life to any office space with a new personalized mousepad.

Mouse Pad Cost: $5.00
Shipping Cost:
US Order: $3.50
International Order: $10.00
Additional: $1.50

Find these products in the “Personalized” section in the teelaunch app, our personalized products are the perfect way to help your store stand out from the crowd so be sure to check back for the rest of our personalized releases coming in the near future.