BOHO – Have A Drink In Style

BOHO – Have A Drink In Style

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest tumbler style, the BOHO. The BOHO is a 20oz tumbler that has a unique shape in comparison to most of the tumblers in today’s market. The shape of the tumbler alone makes it a special product to add to your store – no one else has anything like it!

Shape aside, the BOHO 20oz tumbler is built just like our other tumblers – made with stainless steel double-wall construction and vacuum insulated for 2x cold and heat retention compared to glass or plastic containers. The BOHO will also come in the same 12 colors as our other tumblers.

If you have not seen or ordered one of our tumblers before, you should do yourself a favor and get your hands on one. The laser etched design adds a luxury look to the product that is unrivaled by similar products that print on designs or use cheap stickers that peel off. The powder coat (color) keeps the outside of the tumbler a neutral temperature no matter if the drink inside is hot or cold. As well as prevent any condensation from forming on the outside. The versatility of our tumblers makes them a fantastic gift option which is perfect for the upcoming holidays!

teelaunch lasers the tumblers in-house which means our production times are crazy fast and quality control is our top priority. All tumblers are packaged in thick fitted cardboard boxes, while also protected from scratching with a thin foam tumbler pouch.

Cost: $15.00
US Shipping: $6.00
International Shipping: 10.00
Additional: $3.00

You can find the all new BOHO 20oz tumbler in the drinkware section of the teelaunch app today. While you’re there, check out the 30oz, 20oz, and 12oz tumbler options as well!