Make Your Designs Soar With Custom Balloons

Make Your Designs Soar With Custom Balloons

Whether you’re throwing a party or attending a parade, our brand new product will make sure your message is read loud and clear. Our multi-use, reusable balloons are a special and unique product for us to launch due to the fact that they’re so versatile and your customers will be able to use them in such a wide array of settings. You’ve seen a thousand signs and banners, but our balloons are a completely unique way to spread a message. They’re sure to be an easy seller to anyone searching for party gear they can photo-personalize, or anyone looking to make their statement at a rally without having a big piece of cardboard to lug around. The possibilities don’t end there–get a group of balloons featuring the guest of honor to pump up any surprise party, or help make a youth sports team feel like the all-stars they are.

Make Your Designs Soar With Custom Balloons
Lifestyle Mockup

Our reusable balloons are available in two sizes: 7 inches and 11 inches. The smaller size is ideal for table decor, garden and lawn decor or planters, and the larger ones are perfect for holding high at rallies and parades. The balloons come with a detachable stick and table stand so your customers are able to hold, wave, or display their balloons throughout an event space for easy and effective decor. We’re launching our balloons as both a standard and a personalized product, opening up a sea of selling possibilities for shop owners. Instead of your average run-of-the-mill political rally or birthday party balloon, you’re able to help your customers create a special product that is sure to be memorable.

The assembly process is fairly intuitive, but your customers will receive instructions with their purchase that will show them how to inflate and attach the stick or stand. Shown below are the different pieces that will be included in your customer’s order:

Make Your Designs Soar With Custom Balloons

Product Information:
• Sizes: Available in 11″ & 7″
• Front and Back Print
• Made of Composite Film
• Coated for High-Resolution Prints
• Comes With Inflation Straw & Stand
• Self-Sealing Valve
• Re-Usable (can be deflated and re-inflated)
• Use of Helium is NOT Recommended (will not float & deflates quicker)
• Hardware & Instructions Included
• Perfect for Parties & Events!

7 Inch Balloon: $6.50
11 Inch Balloon: $8.00

US Order: $4.00
International Order: $10.00
Additional: $0.50

You can find the balloons in the “Lifestyle” and “Personalized” section of our app.