Redefining Your Home Decor

Redefining Your Home Decor

We’re proud of providing top-notch support to all our creators, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get better! As you may have noticed, teelaunch has been hard at work providing new mockups, narrowing down our product catalog, and adding in our super easy personalization feature wherever we can. Our latest update applies to one of our tried and true offerings—we’ve added brand new tapestry mockups to help customers envision what your designs can add to any room in the house.

Produced using high-quality, durable material that adds an effortless-but-effective statement piece to any home, tapestries are an excellent product to sell to the consumer who wants to enhance their living space at an affordable price. Both of our new tapestry mockups feature a clean, naturally lit room with white walls that will highlight your designs—not distract from them. We’ve also heard your requests for vertical and horizontal mockups and have made individual images for each!

and without further ado, your shiny new mockups:

Tapestry Information:
• Small Size: 60″ x 51″
• Medium Size: 80″ x 68″
• 100% lightweight polyester
• Printed top, finished edge, fine line detail and intense vivid colors
• Cold gentle machine wash, line or tumble dry on low, don’t bleach/iron

Our new tapestries will be available in two sizes (60″x50″ & 80″x68″). We will no longer be offering the large size of 104″x88″, as it proved too large for most living spaces and caused a few headaches when it came to uploading design files. These two sizes focus on our most popular options and simplify the design and upload process for our users, as they will only have to create and upload one file that will scale in proportion for each tapestry size. For those of you who currently sell the largest size, we will still fulfill your orders if needed, but you will be unable to create new 104 inch tapestry designs going forward.

Pricing for 60″ X 50″
Shipping Cost for 60″ X 50″
US Order: $5.00
International Order: $10.00
Additional: $1.00

Pricing for 80″ X 68″
Shipping Cost for 80″ X 68″
US Order: $6.00
International Order: $10.00
Additional: $1.00

Ready to use your talents to help customers spruce up the spaces they love most? Get started in the “Wall art” section of our app today!