Add Some More Personalization to Your Inventory

From our canvas prints to our pet-focused products, we love helping people showcase their style in every area of life. Now, we’re bringing customization to the kitchen with our new personalized cutting boards!

Our glass cutting boards have a large surface area that lets store owners display vibrant designs or create overlays that customers can turn into one-of-a-kind pieces. Beyond being durable and easy to clean, their high-quality printing makes them perfect statement pieces for adding some personality to your customers’ kitchens. We love seeing how shop owners take advantage of this easy, effective way to make your products even more special. Family monograms are a great way to class up cutting boards, but now, you can do even better: add a full family photo!

Here’s a list of other cutting board overlay ideas to consider:
• Engagement/wedding gifts (Summer = Wedding Season)
• Nice embellishments on family photos
• Fun foodie phrases or cooking quotes
• Food sizing measurements (for people or pets)

Along with overlays on these cutting boards, providing a blank personalized cutting board in your shop is easy to do and allows your customers to create their very own design from scratch. Put simply, it’s worth your while to have a blank one in your shop! Here are some examples of blank cutting board customer uploads:

• Size: 11 1/4” x 8”
• Durable Tempered Glass
• Rubber Padded Non-Slip Bottom
• Easy-To-Clean Cutting Surface
• Hand Wash Only
• Great Gift Idea!

Price: $15.00
US Shipping: $5.50
International Shipping: $10.00
Additional Shipping: $1.50

Not to be completely outdone by the personalization feature, we have also updated the standard glass cutting boards. We updated the mockup generator to ensure highly accurate prints as well as provided new lifestyle mockups to really grab the attention of your customers. We are also providing you the option to upload vertical or horizontal artwork depending on the orientation that best suits your design needs.

You can find our personalized glass cutting boards in the “Personalized” section of the teelaunch app. The updated version of the standard glass cutting boards are going to be located in the “Home Goods” section. What are you waiting for? Get this amazing product in your store today… Chop Chop!

Justin Carlson

Graphic Designer who likes riding his bike and making stuff for you guys