Showcase Your Space With Personalized Pillows

The next logical step in our quest to give customer’s the choice to personalize their very own product lands in the Home Goods category. What better way to make your living space an extension of yourself than through personalized items that will be seen and used on a daily basis? Personalized pillows just make sense. Not only are they great accents that enhance the home; they are also fun conversation pieces!

Personalized pillows are an unbelievably versatile product to offer your customers. Whether it be family portraits, images of their pets, or even silly memes & quotes – the possibilities are wide open. You will be provided with the option to create a graphic overlay for your pillows to act as a frame for the image your customer chooses to upload to their personalized pillow. You will also be given the option to create a pillow with no user design (blank). This will give your customers free range to cover the entire pillow with their own image. Both options are well worth adding to your store. Give them unique design overlays that help guide them toward specific themes and gift ideas OR put the creativity completely in their hands!

If you are new to teelaunch or have not looked into our pillow offerings yet, you should do yourself a favor and check them out. We offer three versions – Stuffed & Sewn, which is a fully stuffed pillow that is sewn shut. Zip Cover with Insert, which is a pillow cover equipped with zipper enclosure that comes with a pillow insert. And Zip Cover, which is a pillow cover with zipper enclosure but without the pillow insert. The pillows come in four sizes as well – 16×16, 18×18, 20×20, and 26×26. All versions are comprised of a durable polyester broadcloth fabric that has a visually pleasing texture and is soft to the touch. Best of all, the pillow options and sizes are all provided to you under one convenient listing giving your customers more purchase options while helping boost conversion rates!

You can find the Personalized Pillows in the “Personalized” section of the teelaunch app today. If you would also like to add the standard pillows without any sort of personalization to your store, you can find them in the “Home Goods” section of the app.

Andy McGuire

Andy is the Graphic Designer for teelaunch. Basically he gets to make fun stuff all day long while the rest of us actually work.