Making Productivity Look Better

Making Productivity Look Better

In today’s tech-fueled world, your devices can never be too close. Our newest product ensures that even when you’re plugging away at your desk, your phone is always within reach–introducing the Moniclip (Monitor clip).

The Moniclip allows you to tidy up your workspace and promotes maximum productivity. The device fastens securely to the side of your computer screen to hold your phone upright, making checking notifications quick and easy. Forget getting distracted by a buzz in your pocket. With Moniclip, you can give your phone a quick glance and get back to the stuff you want to focus on.

• Applicable for Both Desktop and Laptop Monitors
• Adjustable to Attach to Left or Right Side of Monitor
• Designed to Allow Access for Charging Cable
• Fits Monitors Thinner Than 0.31″
• 2.56″ x 2.5″ x 2.5″

The Moniclip is designed to allow access for a charging cable, cleaning up clutter and making sure you’re not at 1% when it really matters. Last but not least, who doesn’t love to personalize their workspace? Moniclip features a prominent space where you can display your or your customers’ favorite illustrations, photos, or even quotes to give your customers that extra motivation to make the most of their day.

• Price: $8.00
• US Shipping: $3.00
• Canada Shipping: $10.00
• International Shipping: $15.00
• Additional: $1.00

You can find the Moniclip in the “Accessories” Category within the teelaunch app.