Stay Charged Up

Stay Charged Up

Cell phones and mobile devices have become practically a necessity in today’s society. They’ve got a permanent place in our pockets and are relied on for everything from productivity to communication and entertainment. But they’re not without their drawbacks—if you’re out of power, you’re pretty much out of luck.

External batteries provide a solution, but nobody wants to deal with the bulky, unreliable, and—let’s be honest—downright ugly options that make up much of the market. So, teelaunch is back with another unique offering that will set your store apart and provide customers with a sleek, high-quality power bank that they won’t be embarrassed to take out in public.

Our power banks are made of a durable aluminum alloy and powder coated in your choice of seven amazing colors. Comparable to the tumblers we offer, the power banks will feature your artwork etched into the product. This process adds a luxury look and feel that standard printing cannot accomplish, providing an instant boost in value. The form factor is similar to your average smartphone, allowing them to slip easily into any purse, bag, or pocket.

How The Power Banks Work:

The power banks are essentially a portable battery. You simply charge the power bank before you head out for the day. When your mobile device runs low on battery, connect it to the power bank to charge. No longer will you need to be tethered to an outlet. You can charge on the go! The LED indicator on the power bank will inform you of how much juice the power bank has and the dual charging cable is the perfect fit for most all devices.

Power Banks

• Available in 7 Colors

• Laser Etched Design

• Size: 2.625”x4.375”

• High Capacity Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Cell

• 4000mAh

• LED Power Meter

• Aluminum Alloy Body

• Includes Dual Charging Cable (Apple & Android)

Etched and Shipped in the USA

Price: $11.00

US Shipping: $5.00

International Shipping:$10.00

Shipping for Additional Items: $2.00

Be the first to get in on this exciting new product and add it to your store today! You can find the Power Banks in the “Lifestyle” section of the teelaunch app.