Comfy. Cozy. Customized.

Comfy. Cozy. Customized.

2018 was an amazing year at teelaunch and we owe every ounce of credit to you, our users! We worked hard to add 30+ new products to our catalog and your response has been overwhelmingly positive. We want to extend this momentum into 2019 by kicking the new year off with another big ticket item to add to your shops. We are ecstatic to announce the addition of Hooded Blankets with Customizable Mittens!

When we set out to make a hooded blanket, we tasked our production partner with creating a high quality product that was familiar to our users but more importantly, functional. Our production partner has been running a clothing manufacturing business for nearly 8 years, and after months of research and development, they say that the hooded blanket with customized mittens is the most exciting product they have developed.

The Importance of the Mittens and How They Came Into Existence:

From our production partner: One October evening, I was at the beach with one of our prototype hooded blankets when the wind decided to thrust my blanket into the air like a kite. I struggled to hold my blanket at times and thought, “This hooded blanket would be so much better if it had mittens so I could easily keep the blanket wrapped around me to stay warm and cozy at all times.” Being the entrepreneur that I am, innovation and customization was on the mind. With mittens adding more stability to the structure and movement of the hooded blanket, why not also offer unique personalization on each mitten to add extra expression when you decide to open up and share your blanket? By far one of the most exciting products for our company that has added more value to what currently exists in the market.

Made from the same great materials your customers came to love with our micro-fiber fleece blankets, the hooded blankets feature a spacious hood as well as customizable mittens for absolute comfort and portability. The blankets are a large, all-inclusive size of 80″x60″ that is a pure joy to immerse yourself in making this product more than household item – it’s an experience. Not only will customers enjoy lounging around the home with their hooded blanket, they will want to take it with them everywhere they go. Whether it be for traveling, sporting events, or any other outdoor occasion, these hooded blankets will become an essential part of your customer’s lives.

Hooded Blanket with Custom Mittens

• 80”x 60” Large Blanket

• Full Print Top with White Underside

• Pill-Free Microfiber Fleece

• Spacious Hood for Maximum Comfort

• Custom Designed Sewn on Mittens for Added Comfort & Style

• Machine Wash, Tumble Dry

Made in the USA

Price: $40.00

US Shipping: $10.00

International Shipping:$20.00

Shipping for Additional Items: $5.00

Be the first to market and take advantage of this amazing new product! You can find the Hooded Blanket with Customizable Mittens in the “Home Goods” section of the teelaunch app.