Expanding Your Jewelry Section

Expanding Your Jewelry Section

We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback about our recent bracelet & charm addition to our jewelry category. So much so, we decided to offer the same great UV printed charms as a necklace option. We are happy to round out our jewelry section as well as give our users more options for the upcoming holiday season.

The necklace charms are the same as what we currently offer with the bracelets. They are printed via the UV print process where ink is laid on top of the charm and dried instantly with UV light. This prevents ink bleeding which allows for highly detailed prints that last a lifetime. The necklace chain is comprised of sterling silver plated brass with an elegant matte finish. The necklace chains will be available in two sizes (16″ & 30″) which is ideal for layering. Also like the bracelets, the necklaces will ship with a re-usable black velvet pouch, perfect for storage or gifting.

Made in the USA

Price: $10.00

US Shipping: $4.00

International Shipping: $7.50

Shipping for Additional Items: $2.00

Find the new necklaces in the “Jewelry” section of the teelaunch app.