Treat Your Feet to Style & Comfort

Treat Your Feet to Style & Comfort

After many months of research and development, the teelaunch team is over the moon to announce the addition of running shoes to our product catalog. We decided to go with a classic running shoe style as our introductory shoe offering but hope to offer our users more styles in the future. The shoes feature a fully sublimated vamp (shoe wrap) and tongue to display your artwork in stunning vibrant color reproduction. You will have the ability to upload 4 different designs to each pair of shoes (Right Vamp, Right Tongue, Left Vamp, Left Tongue) which gives you complete freedom to create a truly unique set of footwear.

As we all know, the shoes you wear say a lot about a person which is why custom shoes lend themselves so well to niche markets. Not only will you be able to create a stunning looking shoe, you can have confidence in knowing that the shoes you are selling are of fantastic quality. They are super lightweight, comfortable, responsive and durable. These shoes are not limited to the running market either. They are also an excellent option for casual wear. This multifaceted shoe opens the door to even more sales opportunities. Opportunities such as fundraisers, themed events, local schools & sporting events. There are so many ways to use this product to your advantage in unconventional ways if you think outside of the shoebox!

Treat Your Feet To Style & Comfort

Treat Your Feet To Style & Comfort


Not only are we very excited about the shoes themselves, we’re really excited about the way we get them to your customer. We wanted to find a way to balance price vs speed vs presentation to your customers. There are two trade-offs here: 1.) The cheapest shipping method is EMS, but can take upwards to a month for delivery. 2.) The fastest way to ship is DHL directly from China, but your customers will know it by the packaging. We came up with this hybrid business model where the shoes are made in China but they are bulk shipped to the US. The shoes will then be repackaged and sent out to all US locations. This allows the speed you need to keep your customer happy while giving you the same presentation as any other teelaunch product (USPS or UPS label, generic packaging, no outward indication it shipped from China directly).

Running Shoes:

• Mens Sizes:  US 5-15 (No Half Sizes)

• Womens Sizes: US 6-15 (No Half Sizes)

• Polyester Fiber

• Durable/Lightweight Construction

• EVA Sole

• Ergonomically Streamlined Foot Curve

• Easy-to-Clean Anti-Corrosion Materials

• Shipped in Unmarked Protective Shoebox

Made in the China, Shipped from USA

Price: $31.00

US Shipping: $7.00

International Shipping:$5.00 (international orders are shipped directly from China via EMS, which is why the price is lower than US shipping price)

Shipping for Additional Items: $3.00

You can find the running shoes in the “All Over Print” sections of the teelaunch app.