Making products just got a little easier

Making products just got a little easier

Whether it’s testing a new feature, troubleshooting a customer’s issue or just adding products to our personal stores we end up creating a lot of products. Because of this we realized that the old process was kinda clunky. The sizing handles were small and difficult to use and it was hard to place designs exactly where you wanted them.

Over the last few months we’ve been designing a new interface. We looked through all the thousands of shirts created on a daily basis. We wanted to see how customers were designing shirts and offer them a way to create those shirts quickly and easily. What we discovered were patterns and we used those patterns to create our new QuickPosition feature.

Introducing QuickPosition for teelaunch

Making Products Just Got A Little Easier

Now no resizing or repositioning is necessary. Just upload your graphic, press the button of where you want it placed and you’re all done. Now you’ll be able to create products faster and get back to more important things. What are you waiting for? Go try it out.