Etsy & teelaunch together at last

Etsy & teelaunch together at last

You might be asking yourself what’s Etsy. Etsy is a marketplace of handmade and vintage goods. Here at teelaunch we’re big fans of the platform and we’ve wanted to integrate with them but for years they’ve said no. A month or so ago they finally saw the light and we went to work on getting our integration ready. I’m happy to say that today that integration is live.

Ok, you are probably now thinking why would I need Etsy? I’m sure you’ve installed the various Shopify sales channels and been unimpressed with the results. For the most part these sales channels just make it easier to sell to your base, the people that already follow you on social media. What makes Etsy special is that they not only provide the place to sell but the people to sell to.

If you are discouraged by your lack of sales I urge you to try Etsy. The fees are much more reasonable than Amazon and they don’t require any nonsense like UPCs. If you are looking for a little added visibility they also have a pretty streamlined marketing system that lets you promote your products in Etsy search as well as in Google shopping with CPMs that are significantly cheaper than Facebook ads.

If my fancy words aren’t enough to convince you let’s talk numbers. Etsy has over 30.6 million active buyers, people who are constantly searching Etsy for something new. These buyers purchase over 2 billion dollars worth of goods a year. What’s even better is that 81% of all sales on Etsy are from repeat purchasers.

To integrate your Shopify store with Etsy first open the teelaunch app. In the upper righthand corner you’ll see an integrations tab. If you hover over it you’ll be given an Etsy option. There you’ll be able to connect your Shopify store to your Etsy store and match up the products for fulfillment. For detailed step by step instruction click here

We are really excited about this new integration and we can’t wait to see your products on Etsy.

Etsy & Teelaunch Together At Last