Make more money from your existing customers with upsells

Make more money from your existing customers with upsells

One of our greatest strengths in our product depth. We have over 50 different products that you can add to your store with only a few clicks. With teelaunch you’ll be able to offer something to make everyone happy. If someone likes your pit bull tank they’ll probably also like that same design on a mug. What if you had a way to suggest that they purchase a pit bull mug when they are trying to purchase a pitbull shirt.

Make More Money From Your Existing Customers With Upsells

The easiest way to make upselling happen is with Product Upsell app by our friends over at Bold. Bold is one of the largest and oldest Shopify app companies (for good reason). They make apps that solve problems and increase sales all at a price point that is affordable for everyone. With a super generous 30 day trial you’ll be able to give the app a good try before having to spend any money.

You are probably saying to yourself that every app promises that they’ll increase sales. How do I know this one works?

The product upsell app has over 1,000 five stars reviews. With people saying stuff like this:

I installed the product upsell app just last week and am already noticing a massive increase in our order values. —

We had to disable this because it worked so well, we quickly sold out of our upsell product. —

Product upsell is an app that really “Clicks” with our customers and helped us to achieve 40% increase in sales on our site —

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a try.