Custom Laser Etched Tumblers

We are simply giddy about our newest product release – Custom Laser Etched Tumblers! Tumblers are so hot right now and we wanted to make them available to you, our teelaunch users. We are offering 30oz powder coated tumblers, that when laser etched with your design, reveal a natural stainless steel backing. When the light hits, designs truly “pop” off of these tumblers! The tumbler is double wall vacuum insulated with a 24 hour cold retention rating and is made of BPA free materials. We are offering 4 amazing colors (Black, Red, Pink & Blue). Pricing is set at $15 with $7.50 shipping (US).

Designing For Tumblers

Designing for a tumbler is a little different than the other products we offer. You have to understand that there are only two colors you are working with (the powder coated tumbler and the stainless steel backing that appears once the powder coat is etched away). Knowing what aspects of your design you want to be etched is a crucial step in the design process.

Differing levels of opacity in a design do not matter – they all read as 100% during the etching process. Any part of your design that has color will be etched out of the powder coat no matter how low the opacity is set.

High quality files with smooth crisp lines are a MUST. If there is pixelation throughout your design, the final product will reflect the quality of the design submitted.

We suggest creating simple designs with bold lines for maximum impact. Use of negative/empty space throughout the design will also make for more interesting artwork.

You will want to use a PNG file with transparency. If you try to upload a JPG, your final design will end up as a solid rectangle because the file would be flattened and allow for no transparency. This means the entire print area will be etched. Transparency within the design will allow for color breaks between the powder coat and stainless backing.

Design w/No Transparency
Design w/ No Transparency Final
Design w/Transparency
Design w/Transparency Final








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Andy McGuire

Andy is the Graphic Designer for teelaunch. Basically he gets to make fun stuff all day long while the rest of us actually work.