New Products for your store

We have a few new product announcements today.

New Products For Your Store

First up is our new Next Level apparel offerings. Since American Apparel is slowly going away we needed a new premium option. The only real option is Next Level. Their stuff is super high quality and reasonable priced so we’ve added some new items from them to our line up.

We currently are offering a Men’s and a Women’s Triblend shirt for $11/each and Racerback Tanks for $10/each.

Mugs are super popular and we wanted to find a way to set your items apart from the competition. Today we are launching accent mugs. They are the same great white mugs we currently carry but with an accent colors on the rim and handle of the mugs. The mugs come in Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red and Yellow accents. The mugs run $4.50 each and are available in everyone of our international facilitates (in addition to our US ones).

New Products For Your Store


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