Put it in a pouch: announcing accessory pouches

Put It In A Pouch: Announcing Accessory PouchesWe’re trying really hard to increase our product lines to enable you to have something for every potential customer that comes your way. I think we’ve found something here that everyone could use/would want, accessory pouches.

So let’s put it in a pouch. Don’t let kangaroos be the only ones who have pouches.

Put It In A Pouch: Announcing Accessory PouchesSometimes you have a small amount to carry, and don’t have space for a backpack, brief case, or bell hop. Accessory pouches are handy for carrying
 makeup for emergency touch ups, 
pens for spontaneous sonnets,
 coupons for cheap dinner dates
, or garlic to fend off any pesky vampires.

They also make great gifts as they are small, multi-functional and unique. The pouches come in small & large sizes start at $7.50/each.


Nick is the Chief Creative Officer at teelaunch which is a fancy way of saying he tries to make everything we do here at teelaunch better every day.