Creating the perfect sticker

Creating the perfect sticker

Creating The Perfect StickerThis week, we are going to talk about our sticker offerings.

At teelaunch we offer a removable, individually die-cut vinyl sticker. They are 3” x 4” created with an 1/8 inch white border around the design.

The stickers are priced at $2 for the first sticker and $1.50 per additional with a flat shipping rate of $1.50 (US) $5 (Everywhere else). They are shipped out in a non-bendable envelope.

These stickers would make a great addition to your Shopify store!

Designing A Sticker

When designing a sticker you need to decide if you want your design to be cut around or framed in?

Since we use the die-cut process, any negative space around your design will have a white 1/8” border added to it and cut around. This can sometimes complicate a design by dividing one design into multiple sticker cutouts. You can avoid this by making sure the edges of your design are connected or by adding a background that connects your design together. Text is a frequent offender of this.

Creating The Perfect StickerAnother option to avoid multiple sticker cutouts is by adding a full background to frame your sticker design. Your background does not have to be elaborate, it can be a plain white background to match the white outline added to the sticker.

If you do not want a plain rectangular sticker, you can make your background a little more visually appealing by using other shapes such as circles or triangles. You can also make a more unique shape that follows the contours of your design to give the sticker a more outlined look.