Patterns are Awesome

Patterns are Awesome

This week, we are going to dive into the unsung hero of designing, patterns. Typically an after-thought or filler, patterns are actually a very important and useful tool for designing. Patterns are easy to incorporate, scalable, and trendy. I love how a pattern can elevate a simple design into a dynamic work of art that appears complex, but is simple to execute.

Take this mousepad for example. The design is not overly complex and will work as a stand alone design. But, by adding a subtle pattern, the design is instantly elevated into a more dynamic work of art.

Patterns Are AwesomeLike many of you, I also own an online store. I understand the importance of keeping my store fresh by rolling out new products/designs regularly. I also understand how difficult it can be to come up with new ideas. One thing I like to do when the creative side of my brain has turned to mush, and I have no ideas, is turn to patterns. Sometimes a simple pattern is all you need. Other times, a pattern can inspire a bigger idea.

Patterns Are AwesomeMost of our teelaunch products are set up perfect for pattern designs. Check out how great a pattern looks on our newest product release – Shower Curtains!

Patterns Are AwesomeI hope this discussion inspires you to explore the limitless possibilities of patterns. As always, regularly explore the teelaunch app for new products as we plan on rolling out amazing items for you to add to your store(s)!

Sources for high quality & affordable patterns

Happy designing!